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Mexico News Daily The butterflies are coming, along with an estimated 160,000 visitors close behind. The annual migration of the Monarch butterflies is on schedule, with an ETA in Michoacán and State of Mexico this week in time for the opening of butterfly sanctuaries, although the early arrivals have already been spotted in those states’ […]


LatinaLista — In 2013, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recognized quinoa for its valuable nutritional properties and its longevity as a food staple of the Andean region since the time of the Incas. It wasn’t long before it became a favorite ingredient to include in any low-fat, health-conscious diet. Recipes using […]


By Renata Bessi and Santiago Navarro F. America’s Program The Brazilian Ministry of Justice emphatically affirmed, “all of the proceedings to identify and demarcate the lands of the indigenous Jaragua Guaraní in the city of São Paulo have been undertaken with the participation of the indigenous community, in accordance with the UN International Labor Convention […]


By Marguerite Cawley InSight Crime A new study published by the British government found that punitive drug laws don’t necessarily result in less drug use, a finding that could have important implications for drug policy reform in Latin America. Based on international fact-finding missions undertaken in 2013 and 2014 — including visits to countries with […]


LatinaLista — Walls created with perfectly fitted stones needing no mortar and withstanding the test of millennia have been a hallmark of Incan architecture. These wonders of ancient masonry have long had people scratching their heads and asking, “How’d they do that?” One of the more remarkable Incan construction touches has been the 12-angle rock. […]


By Agnes Rivera Peru This Week Peru is lauded for its diverse landscape, but the country’s snowy peaks are at risk of disappearing. According to a recent study performed by the National Water Authority (ANA) “19 mountain range glaciers in Peru have lost more than 40% of their surface in the last 40 years” (El […]


By Robert Isenberg Tico Times When the city of Cartago constructed a system of bike paths through the downtown area, the municipality became a beacon of hope for urban cyclists. A gift from the Automóvil Club of Costa Rica, the “ciclovías” that cut through the busy Cartago streets seemed to mark a new era in […]


LatinaLista — The recent comments by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella that women shouldn’t ask for raises but instead trust in karma, smacked many who heard it as epitomizing the inequality that rages on for many women in male-dominated environments. Though Nadella has apologized profusely for his remarks, there are some parts of the world where […]


By Adriaan Alsema Colombia Reports A Colombian Facebook community went off the internet and sent its administrator on an epic journey to deliver a computer to a young girl who had been given an almost antique machine in a failed PR stunt by the wife of a local mayor. The community behind Internaurismo Cronico, a […]


By Gabrielle Mentjox Colombia Reports Colombia’s Defense Minister said Thursday the country’s largest rebel group, the FARC, are the biggest violators of women’s human rights in the country, having kidnapped 261 women and committed 394 homicides between 2003 and 2014. At the Armed Forces’ “Second Conference on Gender” held Thursday in Bogota, Defense Minister Juan […]


LatinaLista — In addition to the UN Climate Summit happening in New York City which is attracting world leaders, Hollywood celebrities and politicians, there is also happening an equally important conference — the Indigenous People’s World Conference. The two-day conference (Sept. 21-22) drew about a thousand participants from all over the planet. On the first […]


By W. Alejandro Sanchez COHA Bolivia has accomplished a major victory in its quest to consolidate itself as the world’s most-renowned producer of quinoa. In late August, the Andean Community, a South American bloc, recognized the miracle grain as being Bolivian in origin. This recognition will aid the government’s and local industries’ international marketing campaigns. […]


By Agnes Rivera Peru This Week In May of 2014, many Peruvians were shocked when Carlos Bruce, Peruvian congressman, came out as gay. A larger than expected portion of the country´s population however cheered on his courageous act. Now, the first openly gay legislator in Peru’s history, will help to inaugurate an event for members […]


By Flávia Ribeiro Diálogo Music and military service are in the blood of Carolyne Gonze, a 22-year-old Minas Gerais native. The saxophonist is the granddaughter of a conductor and niece of a Musician Sergeant in the Brazilian Army. Until recently, Gonze had been able to pursue only her musical passions. But late last year, an […]


By Agnes Rivera Peru This Week The International Surfing Association has chosen Peru to be host of 2014´s surfing competition. The 50th Anniversary World Surfing Games (WSG) is an ISA World Championship that brings together surfers from all over the world to compete in Team, Open, and Women divisions. Surfers will be looking to catch […]


LatinaLista — One sure sign of a country’s healthy economy is its growing housing sector. Unless of course new development “bulldozes” over one of the main industries responsible for that healthy economy. Peru is a country dependent on tourism. In fact, tourism is one of the three main industries in the country, alongside fishing and […]


By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista Rain is gradually returning to Guatemala after more than a month-long drought in the middle of rainy season brought tragedy to some of the poorest regions of the country. But many agricultural workers say it’s too late to save their harvests. “We usually cultivate maize and beans but this year we’ve […]


By Camilo Mejia Giraldo InSight Crime El Salvador’s president has launched a community police force in capital San Salvador, a move that is in line with regional calls for alternative citizen security measures that could be an indication of the new government’s still vague security strategy. President Salvador Sanchez Ceren, National Police Chief Mauricio Ramirez […]