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Colombia has 3 of the world’s best preserved natural parks

Colombia has 3 of the world’s best preserved natural parks

By Larisa Sioneriu Colombia Reports Colombia’s natural parks are among the best preserved in the world, according to a world’s oldest and biggest environmental organization. The International Unit for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) elected three of Colombia’s national parks as part of the enlisted best preserved national parks in the world during the World Park


Monarch butterflies making annual migration south

Mexico News Daily The butterflies are coming, along with an estimated 160,000 visitors close behind. The annual migration of the Monarch butterflies is on schedule, with an ETA in Michoacán and State of Mexico this week in time for the opening of butterfly sanctuaries, although the early arrivals have already been spotted in those states’


Bolivia becomes first country in the world to open quinoa milk plant

LatinaLista — In 2013, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recognized quinoa for its valuable nutritional properties and its longevity as a food staple of the Andean region since the time of the Incas. It wasn’t long before it became a favorite ingredient to include in any low-fat, health-conscious diet. Recipes using


Brazil’s indigenous population can use their land, but are not its owners

By Renata Bessi and Santiago Navarro F. America’s Program The Brazilian Ministry of Justice emphatically affirmed, “all of the proceedings to identify and demarcate the lands of the indigenous Jaragua Guaraní in the city of São Paulo have been undertaken with the participation of the indigenous community, in accordance with the UN International Labor Convention


Peru launches free health coverage for its tiniest uninsured citizens

LatinaLista — With Republicans still basking in the glow of their sweep in the midterm elections, many have wasted no time in renewing their fight against the Affordable Health Care plan, aka Obamacare. How they plan to explain to the American people that the poor don’t deserve medical insurance or that insurance companies have every


UK Study on impact of punitive drug laws could impact Latin America’s drug policies

By Marguerite Cawley InSight Crime A new study published by the British government found that punitive drug laws don’t necessarily result in less drug use, a finding that could have important implications for drug policy reform in Latin America. Based on international fact-finding missions undertaken in 2013 and 2014 — including visits to countries with