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Honduras: Garifunas use innovative media techniques to encourage HIV/AIDS prevention

Honduras: Garifunas use innovative media techniques to encourage HIV/AIDS prevention

By Wendy Griffin LatinaLista When there is a health emergency like the occasional cholera or dengue epidemics in Honduras, non-profit organizations, and the Honduran government try to reach the local people through innovative programs. When the health emergency affects a large area, like the 54 Garifuna communities in 5 Departments on the North Coast of

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Smartphone tech delivers financial aid to Guatemala’s poorest and most isolated with mobile money

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista When the biggest earthquake to hit Guatemala in 30 years struck San Marcos in the Western highlands last year, more than one million people were affected. Houses were reduced to rubble, communities were cut off from electricity, food and drinking water, and many of the roads in the surrounding area became

131124231338-honduras-election-story-top Offers Independent Look at Ballot Talley Sheets for Honduran Election

Honduras Weekly HONDURAS — In an effort to give the average person access to the actual voting tallies for the recent presidential election in Honduras, and thereby provide transparency to the process, a group of enterprising young Hondurans — including Roberto Brevé, Alejandro Corpeño, Jorge García, and Fernando Irias — have developed a software application


Dying deportee refused by immigration officials to reunite one last time with family in U.S.

LatinaLista — The battle for immigration reform has evolved to mean much more than just overhauling an antiquated admissions system into the country. Another issue that is now getting equal billing with the demand for putting undocumented immigrants on a path to citizenship is reuniting families separated by deportations. The frustration felt by many advocating


International science organization to launch young scientist support network in Latin America

LatinaLista — With a not-so-far-off future looming with dire threats — water shortage, superstorms, food scarcity, stronger earthquakes, rise of ocean levels, species extinctions, etc. — humanity is left to wonder who will save us all. Well,it’s a pretty sure thing it won’t be politicians, Wall Street, liberals or conservatives. The one group who can


Researchers ask how Central American Americans see themselves

By Mike Allison Central American Politics Norma Stoltz Chinchilla and Nora Hamilton have what looks to be an interesting paper on Identity Formation Among Central American Americans. Here’s part of their conclusion: The individual stories of the Central American Americans we interviewed are unique, and their specific trajectories distinguish them from the general population of