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Argentina’s ‘Soccer Mafia’ strives to instill fear

Argentina’s ‘Soccer Mafia’ strives to instill fear

By Miriam Wells InSight Crime The director of Argentina’s federal police has received a death threat believed to be from one of the country’s “soccer mafias” — violent gangs that control the sport and have deep connections to the police, criminals and politicians. A note written on a sports newspaper recently arrived at the house


Streets of Lima featured in Discovery documentary

By Diego M. Ortiz Peru This Week Andrew Younghusband is dedicated to traveling around the world looking for cities with the most chaotic traffic. The Discovery Channel recently released a documentary about driving in various cities around the world, called “Don’t drive here!” One of the episodes in the documentary series features Peru’s capital city


U.S. archeologist creates Guatemalan research center separating Mayan history from legend

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista Nicholas Hellmuth’s fascination with the ancient Mayas started long before he was part of the team that dug up the tomb of the Jade Jaguar King in Tikal, Guatemala, at age 19. But that’s when his interest in Mayan plants began. “When I dug up the tomb the guy was smoking


United Nations calling for answers from Washington over “racist nature” of U.S.-Mexico border wall

By Marta del Vado LatinaLista The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination expresses their concern to Washington regarding the potential “discriminatory impact” of the construction of the US-Mexico fence on indigenous communities living on both sides of the border. The chairperson of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Alexei Avtonomov,


Chilean non-profits band together to bring ‘Power to the People’

LatinaLista — The continuous growth of social media underscores one very important fact — it has power. People-power to be precise. Because of social media, people are coming together online to donate to causes, invest in ideas and innovation, change/influence political policies and create opportunity for each other. There’s no limit as to what can