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Silver Rose

Small Guatemalan indigenous community receives award from European Parliament

Small Guatemalan indigenous community receives award from European Parliament

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista “I will fight for human rights until the day I die,” said Ixil community member, Juana Sánchez Toma, to a crowd of more than 250 people at the European Parliament last week. The indigenous Guatemalan traveled to Brussels to accept the Silver Rose award on behalf of her pueblo for their


Guatemala Gun Homicide Rate Double World Average: Report

By Natalie Southwick InSight Crime A new study has found Guatemala‘s firearm homicide rate is almost twice the global average, with the violence fuelled by the large number of illegal arms circulating in the country. A new report published by the National Economic Research Center (CIEN) found the rate of homicides linked to firearms in


Ongoing assaults against labor activists in Guatemala endanger country’s free trade agreements with Europe and the U.S.

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista Four more trade unionists have been attacked in Guatemala in what are believed to be coordinated incidents. Genaro Cruz Telón, former secretary and member of SNTSG, Guatemala’s National Health Workers’ Union, was gravely injured in an attack that left him in a coma. The following day, Dora Regina Ruano, current SNTSG


Mexican government launches new way to reach its citizens in the U.S. — with an app

LatinaLista — If there’s one sure sign of acculturation into U.S. society by immigrants, it’s the ubiquitous smart phone. While not every immigrant may have a computer or even have access to one, most do have a smartphone — at least that’s what the Mexican government is hoping for its citizens living in the United


Vultures in the Mayan World

By Ilena García and Dr. Nicholas M. Hellmuth REVUE: Guatemala’s English-language Magazine Vultures appear in Post Classic Mayan codices featuring three-dimensional effigies, as Late Classic figurines, or as lid handles for Early Classic tetrapod bowls. You can also find vultures pictured in Mayan hieroglyphic writing, such as those at the Copán ruins in Honduras. There


Spanish tech company creates app enabling users in high-risk areas for kidnappings to have ‘mobile bodyguards’

LatinaLista — These days, Mexico, unfortunately, is as synonymous with kidnappings and crime as it is with pyramids, Cancun and mariachis. In 2012, the Council for Law and Human Rights reported that an average of 72 people were kidnapped daily in the country. For Spaniards, kidnappings have hit particularly close to home with several high-profile