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Venezuela No.1 Trafficker in LatAm: Anti-Drugs Official

Venezuela No.1 Trafficker in LatAm: Anti-Drugs Official

By Charles Parkinson InSight Crime A former top anti-drugs official in Venezuela has lambasted corruption in the country and branded it the “number one” drug trafficking nation in Latin America, highlighting how deeply the connections between organized crime and state institutions now run. Speaking to El Universal, ex-President of the National Anti-drugs Commission Bayardo Ramirez


Barcelona-based husband-wife team create high-tech fashion house that appeals equally to geeks and fashionistas

LatinaLista — Any woman who has shopped for clothes knows that it can be like a treasure hunt to find the right dress size. A size 8 in one label could be a size 12 in another, a big enough difference that’s bound to depress any woman who prides herself wearing smaller sizes. Yet, it’s


Peru’s “Lucha Libro” attracts international attention

By Rachel Chase Peru This Week Live writing competition has drawn interest from international media outlets. Lucha Libro is one of those ingenious, unexpected ideas that just can’t help but turn heads. Like its namesake “lucha libre,” the wrestling done by masked combatants in parts of Latin America, Lucha Libro is a battle. However, instead


New series puts twist on reality programming by putting cast to work helping Guatemalan community

LatinaLista — Though popular, reality programs are known for highlighting the ‘selfish behavior’ of people. Whether’s it’s greed, cheating on someone, cursing, fighting, hurting feelings, etc., reality programs are supposed to be the lens of how life really is. So, the idea that a reality show that is actually doing good, but still has enough


Archaeologists explore the last capital of the Mochica in Northern Peru

By Rachel Chase Peru This Week Archaeologists working at the Pampa Grande dig site about 50 kilometers outside of Chiclayo have made some fascinating discoveries. El Comercio reports today that investigators have been able to draw some important conclusions about the late Mochica empire from new evidence discovered at Pampa Grande. The Mochica are one


Costa Rica’s Salvation Army flexes Facebook page to challenge people to remember “Los Olvidados” (Forgotten Ones)

LatinaLista — In Costa Rica, they are called “Los Olvidados,” the Forgotten Ones, but they can be found in any country in the world. They are the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the ones for whom social media takes a backseat to the physical world where earning traditional money takes precedence over racking up digital