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Vultures in the Mayan World

Vultures in the Mayan World

By Ilena García and Dr. Nicholas M. Hellmuth REVUE: Guatemala’s English-language Magazine Vultures appear in Post Classic Mayan codices featuring three-dimensional effigies, as Late Classic figurines, or as lid handles for Early Classic tetrapod bowls. You can also find vultures pictured in Mayan hieroglyphic writing, such as those at the Copán ruins in Honduras. There


Spanish tech company creates app enabling users in high-risk areas for kidnappings to have ‘mobile bodyguards’

LatinaLista — These days, Mexico, unfortunately, is as synonymous with kidnappings and crime as it is with pyramids, Cancun and mariachis. In 2012, the Council for Law and Human Rights reported that an average of 72 people were kidnapped daily in the country. For Spaniards, kidnappings have hit particularly close to home with several high-profile


Grooming Latin America’s children to be the computer coders of mañana

LatinaLista — There’s a movement in Latin America to groom the next generation of computer coders that combines creating art with basic programming, lead by — a turtle! It’s called TurtleArt (TortugArte). TurtleArt is a platform focused on teaching children basic programming skills to primarily create art. While they’re having fun learning code that changes


Mexico: NGO rewards students who stay in school

By Elisa Martins The Mexican NGO Anímate a estudiar has benefited more than 3,600 students in a country where more than a million students drop out annually. MEXICO CITY, Mexico – The NGO’s name says it all: “Anímate a estudiar” (Get Motivated to Study). This Mexican NGO seeks to combat truancy in the country


Peru’s first and only female — superhero or super-sex symbol?

By Gareth Hunter Peru This Week Peruvian superhero, Chola Power, regularly saves people from the dark forces of various supervillains. But, can she save herself from being a sexual stereotype? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? No, it’s Chola Power, Peru’s first and only female Superhero! Chola Power, created by


Venezuela No.1 Trafficker in LatAm: Anti-Drugs Official

By Charles Parkinson InSight Crime A former top anti-drugs official in Venezuela has lambasted corruption in the country and branded it the “number one” drug trafficking nation in Latin America, highlighting how deeply the connections between organized crime and state institutions now run. Speaking to El Universal, ex-President of the National Anti-drugs Commission Bayardo Ramirez