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Drug trafficking, another threat to Gran Chaco

Drug trafficking, another threat to Gran Chaco

By Jorge Quispe The second largest continuous forest ecosystem in South America, the Gran Chaco Americano already has lost nearly 90% of its territory to indiscriminate deforestation, ranching and agriculture. LA PAZ, Bolivia – The expansion of agricultural activities is threating the conservation of the Gran Chaco in Bolivia, an area rich in biodiversity

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Colección Luna: empowering Mayan women, one stitch at a time

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista Almost everywhere you go in Guatemala you are greeted by Mayan textiles. In the country’s rural highlands: men, women and children dress in the traditional traje of their pueblo and go about their daily chores. While in the cities: restaurants and houses are adorned with intricately woven indigenous designs. Guatemalan textiles


Lawsuit against accused killer of musician Victor Jara offers hope for transitional justice in Chile

Council on Hemispheric Affairs By William Kinney On September 11, 1973, General Augusto Pinochet launched a brutally successful coup d’etat against then-President Salvador Allende, Chile’s democratically-elected head of state. The Chilean military managed to overthrow Allende’s government in a matter of hours, plunging the South American nation into a bloody frenzy of state-sponsored terror that


Future of Peru’s indigenous rests with receiving an education in two tongues

LatinaLista — It’s not only nations of immigrants, like the United States, where language is an issue, but it’s also an issue in those countries with strong indigenous communities whose native tongue may not be the official language of the country. That’s certainly the case in Peru where the indigenous population is over four million


Salvadoran candidates continue to tour US

By Mike Allison Central American Politics The FMLN’s Salvador Sanchez Ceren toured California in August and now ARENA’s Norman Quijano is in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Martin Austermuhle provides some background on what El Salvador’s 2014 presidential candidates are hoping to accomplish during their roadshows in “Thousands Of Miles From Home, Salvadoran Candidates Woo


International foodies turn their attention to Peru’s Mistura

By Rachel Chase Peru This Week Multiple international media outlets have reported recently about the wonder that is Peru’s Mistura food festival. The popular food hub Eater, which reviews and catalogs restaurants all over the United States as well as reporting on international gastronomic news, published an enjoyable and irreverent piece on the festival. The