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Guest Voz: There’s good reason why Brazilians have taken to the streets in protest

Guest Voz: There’s good reason why Brazilians have taken to the streets in protest

By Edy Bestle LatinaLista (LL Editor’s Note: News outlets have been reporting over the rising protests, the biggest in 20 years, to hit Brazil. The following piece provides insight into the unrest that a country making preparations to host the 2016 Olympics and currently hosting the FIFA Confederation Cup is facing from its own people

Pre-Columbian Statue in San Agustin

Colombia: A library carved in stone

By Juan Carlos Rocha SAN AUGUSTÍN, Colombia – About 1,000 years ago, among the rugged and lush mountains where Colombia’s major rivers were born, a culture whose name remains unknown sculpted hundreds of stone monuments. These sculptures were buried with the deceased, remaining hidden for centuries. The archaeological treasure of San Agustín, whose name


As Indigenous People Abandon Traditional Dress, Weavers Take to E-Commerce to Boost Sales

By Marissa Revilla Global Press Institute Indigenous weavers in Chiapas are using innovative designs and methods to sell their goods internationally. Nearly 200,000 women work as artisans in Chiapas. Cooperatives, workshops, innovative designs and a new e-commerce platform aim to preserve the craft while boosting sales that have been declining locally as indigenous communities abandon


US and Colombian jazz groups unite for Medellin festival

By Hannah Mead Colombia Reports Medellin is due to host a three-day jazz festival featuring US and Colombian university jazz orchestras for the fourth year running. The University Jazz Festival, coordinated by language / culture institute Colombo Americano and the Medellin city government, will present three nights of concerts displaying “different interpretations of Jazz, from


Chilean Students Protest

By Jennifer Bisgaier Council on Hemispheric Affairs Over the past few weeks, Chilean students in major cities, including Santiago, Valparaiso, Concepción, and Temuco, have returned to the streets in full force in order to protest recent changes implemented by the Education Ministry and demand “free education for all.” The dramatic protests, which began back in