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Chilean non-profits band together to bring ‘Power to the People’

Chilean non-profits band together to bring ‘Power to the People’

LatinaLista — The continuous growth of social media underscores one very important fact — it has power. People-power to be precise. Because of social media, people are coming together online to donate to causes, invest in ideas and innovation, change/influence political policies and create opportunity for each other. There’s no limit as to what can


Children’s rap video gives new life to Peruvian indigenous language

By Diego M. Ortiz Peru This Week The people of Nauta, Loreto don´t want their native language, Kukama-Kukamiria, to disappear. So to that end the NGO, Create Your Voice, teamed up with a local radio station, Ucamara, to record a song with hip hop and traditional rhythms sung by children to save the language from


Four college students live among Guatemala’s Mayans to experience living on one dollar a day

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista Guatemala City – Economics students are no strangers to numbers. Chris Temple and Zack Ingrasci were familiar with the overwhelming statistic that 1.1 billion people live on a dollar day, but they still couldn’t understand it. “Coming from Connecticut and Seattle we just couldn’t comprehend how someone could manage such a


U.S. students set Guinness World Record in Peru

By Diego M. Ortiz Peru This Week At more than 16,400 ft the WindAid turbine set the Guinness World Record the highest-located wind generator. A group of students and professors from Northampton Community College in Pennsylvania, USA, helped set a new world record by being part of the team that installed the world’s highest-altitude wind


The Delightfully Different World of Guatemala’s Beauty Pageants

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista If you thought beauty pageants were about tiaras, tantrums and two-pieces, think again. For the past 45 years, indigenous women have been gathering in the mountainous town of Coban, Eastern Guatemala, to participate in a Mayan pageant entitled ‘Encuentro Intercultural Folklórico Nacional’ in the hope of being crowned Rabin Ajaw (Daughter

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Launch of new tool ranks which Latin American countries offer best environment for women entrepreneurs

LatinaLista — According to the Small Business Administration, women-owned businesses are the fastest-growing segment of new businesses in the U.S. economy. An American Express analysis found that the number of women-owned businesses grew over the past year by 200,000, equivalent to almost 550 new women-owned firms being created each day. The surge in women entrepreneurs