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Central American leaders greet Obama in Costa Rica wanting a new relationship with Washington

By Florisabel Rodríguez LatinaLista Costa Rica is a small country, the size of West Virginia, with a population of 4.5 million inhabitants. It is known for having the longest and most developed democracy in Latin America, a peaceful history, advanced social development and no military. Nowadays, however, it faces the same problems as its Central

US to Open Security Training Center for Central American Journalists

By Michael Tatone InSight Crime The US government is to open a security training center for Central American journalists in an attempt to plug the gap left by the regional authorities’ inability to protect journalists threatened by organized crime groups. The center will be based in El Salvador and will support journalists in El Salvador,

Chilean art collective works to replace scarred memories of war with words of beauty

LatinaLista — Since 2001, six cities around the world have been bombed. Not with explosives or missiles but with poems! The Bombing of Poems is described as a performance piece but it goes beyond just a simple act of theatrics. Starting with Santiago, Chile in 2001, Dubrovnik, Croatia (2002), Guernica, Spain (2004), Warsaw, Poland (2009),

Mexico, land of…poppies?

By Kathleen B. Lowenstein The MexPatriate Between 2007 and 2012, poppies surpassed marijuana as the most widely grown illegal plant in Mexico. In fact, by the end of last year the authorities estimated that poppies occupied 40% more land than cannabis; in 2008, only 210 kilos of opium gum were seized by Mexican law enforcement

New digital tool helps the world keep track of attacks on Mexican journalists and bloggers

LatinaLista — While the number of how many Mexican journalists who have been assassinated by drug cartels isn’t exactly known — the number ranges from 70 upwards — one thing is certain — Mexican journalists have become prime targets for cartel violence. It has gotten so bad that aside from several journalists fleeing the country

Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador to collaborate on joint visa system

By Manuel Vigo Peru This Week This week the governments of Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia agreed to collaborate on the implementation of a new joint smart visa system, El Comercio reported. The agreement was signed at the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Summit, on Tuesday. Peruvian Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Jose Luis