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New digital tool helps the world keep track of attacks on Mexican journalists and bloggers

LatinaLista — While the number of how many Mexican journalists who have been assassinated by drug cartels isn’t exactly known — the number ranges from 70 upwards — one thing is certain — Mexican journalists have become prime targets for cartel violence. It has gotten so bad that aside from several journalists fleeing the country

Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador to collaborate on joint visa system

By Manuel Vigo Peru This Week This week the governments of Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia agreed to collaborate on the implementation of a new joint smart visa system, El Comercio reported. The agreement was signed at the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Summit, on Tuesday. Peruvian Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Jose Luis

Bus ConCiencia brings rural Chilean schoolchildren fun experiments to trigger their interest in science

LatinaLista — Getting more kids interested in science and math or curious about the world around them is not solely a problem of the U.S. Practically every major country in the world is facing the same dilemma of not having enough of their next generation pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering and medical) careers. In Chile, a

Urban Gardeners in Buenos Aires Seek Solutions to Hunger and Poverty on Earth Day

By Ivonne Jeannot Laens Global Press Institute As the world celebrates Earth Day, urban gardeners take advantage of limited spaces in Buenos Aires to grow and exchange their own vegetables rather than buying them. One urban gardener has tallied 1,500 fruit trees in the city from which many people, including the homeless, can eat for