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Faith Fuels Much of the Heavy Lifting in Honduras

Faith Fuels Much of the Heavy Lifting in Honduras

By Paul Willcocks Honduras Weekly I’d certainly argue that you don’t have to believe in God to help others. It seems a natural thing to to do for any thinking, feeling creature. But it’s striking that the people who actually show up to help in Honduras are driven by their faiths. A posse from a


Guatemala’s Ecofiltro creates worldwide water revolution

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista What started out 30 years ago with a man called Fernando directing artisans on potter’s wheels in the small town of Rabinal, Guatemala, has resulted in a worldwide water revolution. In Guatemala alone there are around one million families living without access to clean drinking water. Unable to afford purified bottled


Peru: 150 indigenous people come out of voluntary isolation

By Diego M. Ortiz Peru This Week Since last Monday, people in district of Monte Salvado in the region of Tambopata, have been reporting sightings of more than 150 indigenous people living in voluntary isolations. According to a report in El Comercio, the indigenous group may be suffering from hunger due to illegal logging activity


Spain’s Lost Generation — The exodus of young Spanish professionals in search of work and a future

By Fátima Martinez / Leslie J. López LatinaLista SPAIN — In a nation suffering its worst economic crisis in recent history, Spain’s youth is leaving a trail from the Iberian Peninsula to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and even the United States, in search of work. Spanish young professionals face a youth unemployment rate


Remembering a chapter of Chile’s history on Facebook’s Virtual Library of Salvador Allende

LatinaLista — Salvador Allende is an integral part of Chilean history. A 40-year career politician, Allende was the first Marxist to become president of a Latin American country through open elections in 1970. It wasn’t long before his policies of nationalizing the country’s industries angered the other branches of Chilean government and kicked off the


Mobile game app reconnects Guatemalans with cultural history and ancient sport

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista An ancient Mayan ball game has been brought back to life by a Guatemalan company aiming to encourage youths to reconnect with their ancestry through modern technology. Mayan Pitz is the first-ever videogame for mobile phones that has been produced in Guatemala and the company behind it, Digital Partners, says its