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Dominican Republic works to stop femicide

Dominican Republic works to stop femicide

By Ezra Fieser No killings of women have been reported in more than a month, a major accomplishment for a country that had one of the world’s highest rates of femicide in 2012. SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – A comprehensive effort to cut high rates of violence against women by raising awareness and prosecuting


Ecuador’s banana exports designated ‘ambassadors’ to boost tourism in unique high-tech global initiative

LatinaLista — Ecuador is a tiny country. Tucked in between Colombia and Peru along the Pacific Ocean, it’s best known for being the steward of the Galapagos Islands. But to the frustration of the country’s tourism department, Ecuador’s mainland is rarely on the list of must-see vacation destinations. With a budget as small as its


Salvadorans found to have the most positive attitudes towards the US

By Mike Allison Central American Politics Pew Research released the results of its Global Attitudes Project last week and Salvadorans emerge as the people with the most positive attitudes towards the US out of all people in the hemisphere, perhaps in the world. Here are some of the survey’s findings. 79% of all Salvadorans have


Over 40 theater puppet companies descend on Caracas for annual International Theater Puppet Festival

LatinaLista — There’s not much to smile about these days for the people of Venezuela but one show in town is putting smiles on faces of all ages. It’s the seventh annual Festival Internacional de Teatro Muñecos (International Theater Puppet Festival or FITEM). Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, is hosting the annual festival which runs