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American produce distributor launches crowdfunding campaign to give impoverished Mexican farmers seeds needed for planting

American produce distributor launches crowdfunding campaign to give impoverished Mexican farmers seeds needed for planting

LatinaLista — In the years since 1994 when the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed among the United States, Canada and Mexico, debate has intensified as to who the real beneficiaries are of the international trade agreement. Analysis and documentation clearly show that NAFTA has not helped poor Mexican farmers. Instead of reaping

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U.S. Embassy in Chile creates citizen journalism contest to help young Chileans get their voices (and issues) heard

LatinaLista — According to Freedom House, an independent organization monitoring freedom issues around the country, only 14 percent of the world’s population lives in a country with a free press. It’s a disturbing decline discovered by the watchdog group who found that one of the areas of journalism most harshly oppressed is in new media


Nearly Half a Million Salvadorans Connected to Street Gangs: Study

By James Bargent InSight Crime At least 470,000 people in El Salvador have links to gangs, according to government calculations, highlighting how deeply gangs have taken root in Salvadoran society and how broad their social impact is. Since the start of the truce between El Salvador’s main street gangs last year, the Salvadoran Ministry of

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Graduate student in Mexico spearheading Kickstarter campaign to tell the stories of deported DREAMers

LatinaLista — The credit for pushing Congress and President Obama’s administration to address immigration reform goes to the DREAMers. A group of young people who were brought to the United States by their parents as children and who grew up embracing America as their country. The threat of deporting these homegrown Americans has been the

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New report underscores Indigenous men making political progress in South America, but women not so much

LatinaLista — In Latin America and the Caribbean there are approximately 50 million indigenous peoples, about 10% of the total population. However, in two countries, Peru and Guatemala, indigenous peoples encompass almost half of the population, and in Bolivia, they are over 60% of the total population. Even though in Mexico indigenous peoples cover only

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Paraguay tackles math illiteracy among students starting with pre-schoolers

LatinaLista — The United States isn’t the only country making a big push to interest students in science and math courses. One South American country is making an extra effort to not only encourage their students to like math, but are starting while the children are still in pre-school. Paraguay is a country that knows