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New report reveals majority of Mexico’s children suffer from poverty

New report reveals majority of Mexico’s children suffer from poverty

LatinaLista — Today is a special day among Spanish-speaking countries. It’s known as El Día de los Niños. Kind of like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, but honoring children. Unfortunately, the majority of children in Mexico, don’t have the luxury to feel honored. They’re too busy working or fighting off hunger pangs. How bad could


Uruguay: More than half of inmates study or work

By Antonio Larronda Since 2010, the country’s rehabilitation system has been based on work, study, culture, sports and recreation. MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – As soon as he started his four-year prison term in July 2012 for armed robbery, Andrés Palomino knew he didn’t want to be a career criminal. “I worked my entire life, since


First Peruvian Quinoa Week about to kick off in New York, New Jersey

Peru This Week Eight of New York’s and New Jersey’s finest Peruvian and Pan-Latin restaurants, in partnership with the Trade Commission of Peru in New York, will introduce the Peruvian Quinoa Week as salute to the myriad culinary possibilities of one of the world’s most healthful grains. During Peruvian Quinoa Week, to be held April


Lingerie startup’s mission of empowering women extends to impoverished single moms in Colombia

LatinaLista — What does lingerie have to do with empowering women? For Colombian-born Catalina Girald, it has everything to do with her San Francisco-based year-old lingerie start-up Naja. Girald’s definition of empowerment isn’t focused only on making women feel special wearing her hand-harvested Peruvian Pima cotton panties, or being inspired by selected quotes printed on


Mexican children to march for a childhood without violence

LatinaLista — On April 25, hundreds of children will take to the streets throughout Mexico. Not to play but to work — to demand that they have a childhood without violence. In a country where kidnappings exceed 100,000 a year, where violence against women has reached “pandemic” levels, and academic analysts estimate people murdered by