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Colombia’s female guerrillas hunt for their lost children

Colombia’s female guerrillas hunt for their lost children

By Christoffer Frendesen Colombia Reports Demobilized female rebels, many of whom were forced into guerilla groups against their will, are now searching for the children they were made to abandon, according to BBC Mundo reports. Female rebels, “banned” from getting pregnant, are either subjected to forced abortions or made to give up their babies after


Wari geoglyph found in southern Peru

By Rachel Chase Peru This Week Archaeologists undertaking investigations in the Peruvian region of Arequipa discovered a large geoglyph last December. According to Peru21, the geoglyph is approximately 60 meters by 40 meters and is located in the province of Caylloma. Peru21 reports that the initial archaeological investigations were performed at the request of the


Brazilian literacy campaign taps technology to keep readers on task to finish reading their novels

LatinaLista — It wasn’t that long ago that doomsayers predicted the end of print books given the rising popularity of e-readers. After all, how can something as archaic, as bound-type-on-paper, even compare, or stand alongside, to today’s technology? A new literacy campaign from Brazil highlights how traditional print books cannot only complement today’s technology but


A closer look at what’s driving Central American unaccompanied minors northward

By Mike Allison Central American Politics One of the many things that has bothered me about the crisis of unaccompanied minors on the border is that I totally missed the story as the number of young people from Central America exploded over the last two-plus years. President Obama was warned over a year ago and


Peru: Lima becoming more bike-friendly

By Pedro Hurtado Cánepa Lima’s municipal government, which is encouraging people to ride bicycles, plans to interconnect bike lanes with buses, trams and the metro. LIMA, Peru – Residents of the Peruvian capital are trying to keep ahead of traffic, pollution and health problems by promoting the use of bicycles. Lima is the most


The rubber industry sees renaissance in Peruvian jungle

Translated and adapted by Rachel Chase Peru This Week An unexpected discovery is helping some rural families to drop coca and start cultivating valuable rubber. In 1915, the Peruvian Amazon no longer smelled of burnt wood, resin, and acid: the rubber boom had died down. It had also stopped smelling of barbarity. 40,000 indigenous people