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Guest Voz: If Immigration Reform Ever Passes, It Will Fail (Again)

Guest Voz: If Immigration Reform Ever Passes, It Will Fail (Again)

By David Swaim LatinaLista As we watch the Republicans in the House of Representatives continue to dither over immigration reform, and anti-immigration and pro-immigration groups continue the culture war over this issue, it is important to realize the issues being debated are not the cause of illegal immigration nor are the proposals a solution. Fundamentally,


Guest Voz: Oklahoma Latinos setting the record straight after outrageous local news reporting says undocumented immigrants work for Mexican cartels

By Juan Miret LatinaLista On February 3, 2014, two CBS stations and affiliates in Oklahoma – News on 6 in Tulsa and News on 9 in Oklahoma City – aired a story connecting the increase of the undocumented population in the state, with the local activity of Mexican drug cartels. No specific numbers, no formal

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Guest Voz: For American Farmworkers, ‘Guest Workers’ Proposal is Not Immigration Reform

By Michael G. Harpold Latina Lista In the State of the Union speech, President Obama said, “Americans overwhelmingly agree that no one who works full time should ever have to raise a family in poverty.” Who would disagree, I thought. And then, I remembered farmworkers. Fifty years ago, César Chavez fought to lift farmworkers out


Guest Voz: Reforming education leads to narrowing disparities and achievement gap

By Yvette Donado LatinaLista (Editor’s note: The following is the opening address by Yvette Donado, chief administrative officer and senior vice president of nonprofit Educational Testing Service (ETS), at the National Urban Fellows 45th anniversary conference.) …Leadership for a Changing America is the right theme: Two words – leadership and change – that command the