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Guest Voz: Black beans bridge cultural divide for one family

Guest Voz: Black beans bridge cultural divide for one family

By Jacob A. Jones Hispanic Link News Service Black beans again? It seemed my mother’s favorite dish somehow manages to make it to the table more than once every couple of weeks. Moros y Cristianos, or black beans and rice, still grace our family table whenever I am home from college. My mother learned to


Guest Voz: Innovative solutions working to tackle Latino health issues — más needed

By Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez LatinaLista San Antonio is what the entire United States will look like in 40 years, some say. That’s good news, but not all good. San Antonio’s large Latino population contributes immeasurably to the diverse culture and vitality of our city, just as the continued growth of the Latino population benefits


Guest Voz: Striving for excellence in inspiring students to succeed should be mission of every teacher

By Joe White LatinaLista Inspirational Teachers……….You know who they are. They made us want to get up and give our best until there was nothing more to give……and then give some more. They moved us. They made us work. They made us laugh. They made us think. But mostly they reminded us of our unlimited


Guest Voz: Folk Cures and Alternative Treatment Are Putting Hispanic Patients At Risk

By Dr. Joseph C. Alvarnas Hispanic Healthy Living As Hispanics continue their ascent as the largest and fastest growing minority group in the U.S., tension points between the healthcare and the Hispanic communities are growing as well, fueled by the lack of outreach from the former to the latter. One of the results of this