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Latina Perspective: Fighting to breathe

Latina Perspective: Fighting to breathe

By Edna Meza Aguirre LatinaLista My kickboxing gym is in an abandoned warehouse in Tucson, the walls are exposed brick, fitting for a place that houses hitting, kicking, weightlifting, sweating, grunting, and powerful breathing. The air is heavy with a scent of what some call “essence of locker room.” It’s very hot, the place uses

Bolivia: A hidden treasure in the salt flats of Uyuni could liberate Bolivia from poverty

By Angie Washington LatinaLista UYUNI, BOLIVIA — Who can resist the thrill of a treasure hunt? Be it on the big screen or in the bindings of a pirate adventure book, the timeless idea of buried treasure captivates the imagination. Here in Bolivia the hidden stash takes a non-traditional form. Instead of pirates hunting gold, pearls