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Venezuela: Common assaults create uncommon fear and anger over how much Venezuela has changed under Chavez

by Jennifer Barreto-Leyva LatinaLista VENEZUELA: We dont know who the perpetrarors were, we still are thinking and trying to figure out what happened here. This been the most horrific thing someone can experience ever!!!!! Hours after living through every woman’s worst nightmare when she and her family were held at gunpoint, assaulted and robbed, Jennifer,

Special one-time event unites women all over the U.S.A. via neighborhood movie theatres

LatinaLista — March is Women’s History Month. In this month, we also celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8). When it comes to having a voice, too many women still have to fight to be heard, recognized and respected. Yet, if enough women help one another to achieve the kind of equality necessary to earn decent

Puerto Rico: LalaLand Island??

By Valerie LatinaLista PUERTO RICO: As my first Post at Latina Lista, I want to set the record straight about my island’s status. Not only half of the World doesn’t understand this, but some puertoricans don’t either. This is the question that many friends have asked me: “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico”, what does it mean?