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Bolivia: 132 years later feels like yesterday for a nation grieving a war lost and a seaport taken

By Angie Washington Latina Lista COCHABAMBA, BOLIVIA — How heavy is a grudge? The burden of loss passed down through generations weighs heavy on loyal hearts. At Bolivia’s birth as a nation, the people enjoyed a coast line. Trouble arose some 54 years later when that shore was lost during the War of the Pacific

Peru: Same-sex marriage an issue in upcoming presidential elections

By Isabel Guerra LatinaLista LIMA, PERU — The issue of same-sex marriage has recently become a part of the political platforms of presidential candidates in Peru. Foreseeing upcoming Presidential elections, to be held on April 10th, candidates are using the situation to define their positions on the issue. While former President Alejandro Toledo confirms that his political

Puerto Rico: The world shows solidarity with University of Puerto Rico Students

By Natalia A. Bonilla-Berrios LatinaLista   SAN JUAN — Today, 16 cities around the globe will show support for the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) students who are still fighting for lower education costs and maintaining academic programs. Besides showing international support to the Puerto Rican youth, the World Solidarity Day with the UPR students