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Deported DREAMer returns to Mexico from year of studying immigration abroad to begin unique research

Deported DREAMer returns to Mexico from year of studying immigration abroad to begin unique research

By Nancy Landa Mundo Citizen Over the past year, I have engaged in a constant reflection about my experience of deportation from the U.S. and what it has meant for me to rebuild my life in Mexico. I have attempted to document not only the major challenges I encounter in the reinsertion process into Mexican


Peru: Lima becoming more bike-friendly

By Pedro Hurtado Cánepa Lima’s municipal government, which is encouraging people to ride bicycles, plans to interconnect bike lanes with buses, trams and the metro. LIMA, Peru – Residents of the Peruvian capital are trying to keep ahead of traffic, pollution and health problems by promoting the use of bicycles. Lima is the most


The Community Speaks: Student-led bilingual education programs in rural Mexico

By Chi Anunwa Language Magazine The state of Durango, Mexico, is a study in breathtaking contrasts. On the journey to the county of Mezquital in the southern tip of the state, dramatic desert landscapes give way to the lush, green peaks of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range, which nestle a tiny, chilly village named


The rubber industry sees renaissance in Peruvian jungle

Translated and adapted by Rachel Chase Peru This Week An unexpected discovery is helping some rural families to drop coca and start cultivating valuable rubber. In 1915, the Peruvian Amazon no longer smelled of burnt wood, resin, and acid: the rubber boom had died down. It had also stopped smelling of barbarity. 40,000 indigenous people


Mexican state of Michoacán creates radio series for its citizens in U.S. to maintain cultural tie to homeland

LatinaLista — It’s long been known that one of the reasons why the United States has 11 million undocumented migrants is because security at the border has been so strict over the last decade. Where it used to be that migrants could come and work in the U.S. long enough to get a paycheck to