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Only 15 States Have Drug Amnesty Laws to Protect Overdosers, Friends

Only 15 States Have Drug Amnesty Laws to Protect Overdosers, Friends

By Lynne Anderson Juvenile Justice Information Exchange Lt. Tanya Smith of the Holly Springs, Ga., police department has worked a lot of crime scenes over the years, but nothing prepared her for a moment in August 2013 that haunts her to this day — and likely will for the rest of her life. The body


Latin America’s indigenous population growing

LatinaLista — In addition to the UN Climate Summit happening in New York City which is attracting world leaders, Hollywood celebrities and politicians, there is also happening an equally important conference — the Indigenous People’s World Conference. The two-day conference (Sept. 21-22) drew about a thousand participants from all over the planet. On the first


Introducing the nation’s Latino “Urban Farmist”

By Aaron de Leon LatinaLista Welcome to The Urban Farmist! Here you will find a collection of all things Urban Gardening, Sustainability, Innovative Products, How-To’s, Community Gardens, Chicken Cooping, Bee Hiving, Worm Farming, Aquaponics and the like. Most importantly we will learn about the people behind the movement who are dedicated to making a difference


Food Wars in Latin America

By W. Alejandro Sanchez COHA Bolivia has accomplished a major victory in its quest to consolidate itself as the world’s most-renowned producer of quinoa. In late August, the Andean Community, a South American bloc, recognized the miracle grain as being Bolivian in origin. This recognition will aid the government’s and local industries’ international marketing campaigns.