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Children Fleeing Central American Violence Need Access to Lawyers

Children Fleeing Central American Violence Need Access to Lawyers

By Diego Quezada LatinaLista In 2008, 15-year-old Wilmer Villalobos Ortiz fled his native Honduras. The previous year, the 18th Street Gang that controlled his neighborhood tried to recruit him and threatened him with death if he refused. Ortiz’s journey to the United States included a month and a half riding on the infamous trains known


Social media playing bigger role on both sides of the southern border in fighting ‘corporate’ animal abuse

LatinaLista — Awareness of animal cruelty has always existed but the moral will to do something about it on a large scale is relatively new, thanks to social media. Take for example Southwest Airlines and SeaWorld. The two companies have had a 25-year-strong marketing partnership that essentially made Southwest Airlines the official carrier of the


Children’s Book Publisher Q&A: Diversity shouldn’t drive the storyline

CBC Diversity INDUSTRY Q&A WITH PUBLISHER CHRISTY OTTAVIANO Please tell us about the most recent diverse book you published. I recently published Jumped In by Patrick Flores-Scott. This novel is about Sam, a Mexican American teen who’s in a depressed state due to the breakdown of his family. He’s pretty much getting by in life


Colombia’s female guerrillas hunt for their lost children

By Christoffer Frendesen Colombia Reports Demobilized female rebels, many of whom were forced into guerilla groups against their will, are now searching for the children they were made to abandon, according to BBC Mundo reports. Female rebels, “banned” from getting pregnant, are either subjected to forced abortions or made to give up their babies after


What is “Columbusing,” and How Can We Eliminate the Stigma of Columbus Day?

By Ela Arevalo First Peoples Worldwide For generations, Christopher Columbus has been credited with being the explorer who discovered the Americas in 1492 – something understandably problematic to the Indigenous peoples of the continent. Just as Thanksgiving focuses on the conquest of Indigenous peoples, Columbus Day has been seen as a reminder of the genocide


Expungement App Tries to Help Erase Minors’ Records in Illinois

By Julianna Nunez Juvenile Justice Information Exchange CHICAGO — The Mikva Challenge Foundation released a (web) app aiming to encourage more juveniles to seek assistance expunging their arrest and court records. In 2012, only 70 of the 25,000 youths who were arrested in Chicago got their records expunged, according to a report by the Juvenile