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Besides cigars and classic cars, U.S. collectors look to Cuba for one more thing — Cuban art

Besides cigars and classic cars, U.S. collectors look to Cuba for one more thing — Cuban art

LatinaLista — Ever since the announcement that the United States was starting the process of normalizing relations with Cuba, Americans have been salivating for two things: Cuban cigars and the classic cars that stream along the island nation’s roads. But there’s one more thing that aficionados are hoping will be in great demand on the


US Policies Facilitate Cuban Crime Rings: Report

by Kyra Gurney InSight Crime An investigation conducted by a Florida newspaper revealed that numerous Cuban criminal networks operate in the United States, a phenomenon facilitated by US immigration policies that will likely change as the two countries restore diplomatic ties. According to a yearlong investigation by the Florida Sun Sentinel, criminal networks run by


Medicaid for kids in the 1980s is paying off now

By Jim Shelton Futurity Kids in the United States who received expanded Medicaid benefits in the 1980s and 1990s have contributed more to the tax system as adults, were more likely to attend college, and were less likely to die prematurely. The findings are based on an analysis of tax returns for nearly all children


Acclaimed Peruvian play accused of promoting terrorism elicits response from country’s Ministry of Culture

By Hillary Ojeda Peru This Week The Ministry of Culture released a statement regarding one of the most acclaimed Peruvian plays of 2014, after the anti-terrorist government organization, DIRCOTE announced investigations into the producers and actors for defending terrorism. Entitled, “La cautiva” or “The Captive,” the play first opened in Oct. 2014 at the theater