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Guest Author: Following 52 behaviors releases the leader within us

Guest Author: Following 52 behaviors releases the leader within us

By Ellen Castro Condor Book Tours Ellen Castro knows how stressful life can be in Corporate America. She has spent her adult years learning firsthand how to handle the challenges of life and Corporate America and wanted to help others know the hard lessons she learned throughout her career. The following post by author Ellen


One Guatemalan woman’s quest for justice inspires a film and continent-wide campaign

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista Described as a David versus Goliath story, Justice for my Sister is the debut feature-length documentary from Kimberly Bautista that tracks one woman’s heroic journey to prosecute the man who murdered her sister. Adela Chacon was 27 years old when she said goodbye to her three children in Escuintla, southwest Guatemala,


Immigrants Tune in to Sounds From Home Using Cell Phones

Feet in 2 Worlds For many immigrants, listening to music from their home countries can be an important way to stay connected to their culture. Inspired by the plight of homesick cab drivers, entrepreneur Baruch Herzfeld created ZenoRadio — a radio program featuring 2,000 different stations from around 30 countries that people can access using


Lost: Univision Building Demolished in San Antonio

By Lauren Walser PreservationNation Residents of San Antonio watched last week as the 1955 Univision building fell to the wrecking ball, despite a long, hard battle fought by the city’s preservationists and activists to save it. Demolition of the birthplace of Spanish-language broadcasting in the United States began on Nov. 4 to make way for


Guest Voz: The many ways of remembering JFK do nothing to solve mystery or vanquish hope of what could have been

LatinaLista — Temperatures have plummeted here in Dallas, Texas along with a cold rain chilling everyone to the bone – a not too common occurrence in “Big D.” But given today’s sad anniversary – 50 years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in downtown Dallas – it’s fitting weather. Streets leading into and out