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North Carolina Afro-Latina foster teen languishes in adult jail for school incident

North Carolina Afro-Latina foster teen languishes in adult jail for school incident

By Susan Ferriss Juvenile Justice Information Exchange Did a foster-care teen need to be arrested by school police this month for alleged battery on a school bus? And then jailed for more than two weeks with adults long after a judge ordered her released? The questions swirling around Selina Garcia, 17, of Raleigh, N.C. are

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Guatemala builds country´s first self-sufficient house

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista “I was searching on the internet for alternative houses – aside from block, cement and metal,” says Amilcar Cachoy. “I´ve always wanted an ecological house like this […] but I didn´t have the opportunity because the materials and resources were out of my reach. Sometimes things seem impossible but I think


Guest Voz: House Democrats’ filing of discharge petition to force immigration vote is nada más than politics

By María Gabriela “Gaby” Pacheco LatinaLista Discharge Petition — A procedural tactic that allows an absolute majority of the House of Representatives (218 lawmakers) to force a floor vote on a bill, even if leaders who control the House floor oppose the measure. Successful use of discharge petitions conceivably could help the minority party hijack


Professor Perspectives: The New SAT Test

By Paige Schaefer NerdScholar SAT test takers will face an updated version of the college admission exam in 2016, the College Board recently announced. Of the proposed changes, the most notable include an optional essay, eliminating the penalty for wrong answers, and adjusting the vocabulary to reflect common college language. College Board President and CEO


Paraguay replaces drugs with recreation

By Celeste Zarza The National Anti-Drug Secretariat’s Community Prevention Program features summer camps, community centers and schools for parents. ASUNCIÓN, Paraguay – Recreation and healthy activities are the latest allies in the fight against drug addiction among children and minors in Paraguay. The National Anti-Drug Secretariat’s (SENAD) Demand Reduction Department, together with municipalities and