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Is Lead Exposure the Secret to the Rapid Rise and Fantastic Fall of the Juvenile Crime Rate?

Is Lead Exposure the Secret to the Rapid Rise and Fantastic Fall of the Juvenile Crime Rate?

By Dick Mendel Juvenile Justice Information Exchange For the juvenile justice field, there is no larger question. It’s the elephant in the room, the great mystery, the trend that has changed everything — and seemingly without explanation. Why have juvenile crime rates, once predicted to rise inexorably, instead been falling for two decades? Falling… and


Washington and Moscow’s military bases in Latin America

By W. Alejandro Sanchez Council on Hemispheric Affairs In spite of ongoing tensions in Ukraine, which have seriously soured relations between Russia and the U.S. & Europe, Moscow has not altogether forgotten the Western Hemisphere. A case in point is the recent visit by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov to four Latin American


Student Guest Voz: Hispanics – The Forgotten Class in Civil Rights History

LatinaLista — Nicholas D. Dauphine, a senior at Johnson High School in Austin, Texas won first place in the LBJ Library “Civil Rights Today” Essay Contest. Dauphine was honored on April 8 at the LBJ Civil Rights Summit awards ceremony in Austin, for his prize-winning essay entitled “Hispanics – The Forgotten Class in Civil Rights


Report: Latino Students in California Are the Most Segregated in Nation

By Katherine Leal Unmuth Latino Ed Beat Latino students in California attend the most segregated schools in the nation, according to a new report by the Civil Rights Project at UCLA. The most segregated schools are in the Los Angeles area. The study is entitled, “Segregating California’s Future: Inequality and its Alternative 60 Years after


The Revolution Will Be Digitized: The Outing of Racism

By Nicol Turner-Lee, PH.D. Broadband & Social Justice The taglines on Twitter and Facebook read: “Breaking News, Donald Sterling Makes Racist Comments.” No one knew exactly the nature of those comments until the next tagline read, “Hear the Tape.” I was one of thousands who clicked on the TMZ link, listened, and shared among my