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Panama Canal celebrates 100 years of connecting the world

Panama Canal celebrates 100 years of connecting the world

LatinaLista — One of the earliest examples of how technological innovation could connect the world was on August 15, 1914. It’s the date when one of the most impressive displays of modern-day engineering was opened — the Panama Canal. For the first time in global history, time could be saved with shipments traveling by sea


Mass layoffs may trigger teen suicide

By Alison Jones/Duke University Futurity A new study finds that when one percent of a state’s working population lost jobs, suicide-related behaviors increased by two to three percentage points among teenage girls and black adolescents in the following year. Among girls, thoughts of suicide and suicide plans rose. Among black teens, thoughts of suicide, suicide


Saving Lincoln Center: An El Paso Community’s Effort to Protect its Chicano Heritage

By Cassie Keener Preservation Nation In a predominantly Mexican-American neighborhood, the Lincoln Center has been a gathering place for people in this El Paso community since the early 20th century. It has served as a school, church, and cultural arts center, yet has been threatened with demolition since its closing in 2006 (though the community

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Guatemalan entrepreneurs make urban living a community project

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista Guatemala City isn’t known for its beautiful skyline. Recently voted the world’s ugliest city, the Guatemalan capital is often described as a sprawling chaos that conjures images of crime, fumes and slums on the verge of collapse. However, there are glimmers of hope. In 2001, frustrated by the city’s disorganized expansion