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Gloria Estefan Announces Major Contribution to Miami Marine Stadium

Gloria Estefan Announces Major Contribution to Miami Marine Stadium

By Grant Stevens Preservation Nation We’re big fans of Gloria Estefan, the international superstar and trustee of the National Trust. In June 2013, we profiled her in the Spring issue of Preservation magazine, and she agreed to be the official “Voice of Miami Marine Stadium.” Then, in January 2014, she and Jimmy Buffet were part


Chile fights against book pirating

By Carolina Contreras Books on medicine, psychology and finance are favored by groups involved in intellectual property crimes. SANTIAGO, Chile – Criminal groups involved in book piracy in Chile use a structure similar to that used by narco-traffickers. “This is a crime that focuses on clandestine markets, though sales in formal outlets also have


Latina Cubicle Confidential™ Are You Passing Up Opportunities?

By Dr. Maria G. Hernandez Latina Cubicle Confidential™ I recently met with a colleague who described something that has become unfortunately all too familiar. He mentioned that he gave a presentation to a group of Latino college students about entering the high-tech field and that he offered them all to LinkedIN® with him so he


Guest Voz: Latino Families Deserve a Much More Humanitarian Solution

By Katherine Culliton González LatinaLista During the past few weeks, the President finally called the increase in Central American children crossing the border alone, fleeing violence and poverty, “an urgent humanitarian crisis;” yet one of the root causes is this Administration’s deportation policies impacting Latino children and families. President Obama had also postponed review of


New Toolkit to Help Reach Latinas with Culturally Relevant Breast Cancer Info

SaludToday A new online toolkit aims to help community organizations across the nation deliver culturally and language-appropriate breast cancer information to Latinas. The toolkit, developed by Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Mexican Embassy, offers free resources to both experienced and novice breast cancer educators working in the Latina community, providing culturally-specific communication