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Latinos Lag as Tenured Faculty at Connecticut’s State Community Colleges and Universities

By Robert Cyr CTLatinoNews.com A review by CTLatinoNews.com into the number of tenured professors in the state’s four public universities, 12 community colleges, and the University of Connecticut has found that Latino professors don’t seem to be breaking through academia’s glass ceiling in significant numbers when it comes to attaining the coveted tenured faculty positions

Delaware school district makes changes in teaching English to English Language Learners

Gabriel Pilonieta-Blanco El Tiempo Hispano The Christina School District is preparing to implement changes in teaching English as a second language. As we reported in our last issue, the Christina District administration will implement a series of measures to improve the teaching of English to English language learners in the different schools in the district.

Commentary: We all want to learn English

By Gabriel Pilonieta-Blanco El Tiempo Hispano We often wonder whether it is better for our children, raised in Spanish-speaking households, to learn English and leave behind their mother tongue. This is a question that is very current, since one of the greatest school districts in the state has decided to make changes in the implementation

Op-ed: Frequency of “illegal immigrant” higher than similar terms outside immigration beat

By John Lamb Hispanic Nashville The following is my response to Is ‘Illegal Immigrant’ the Right Description? on the Public Editor’s Journal blog written by Margaret Sullivan, Public Editor of the New York Times. It’s not the single use but the overuse of the term that is the problem. Out of all reported stories about