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Jeffco Schools, Wheat Ridge High School AP US History class

Oklahoma legislator proposes ban on AP History

Oklahoma legislator proposes ban on AP History

By Nate Robson Oklahoma Watch Oklahoma’s schools chief wants to meet with a lawmaker about his bill to keep Advanced Placement History courses out of high school classrooms. Meanwhile, a student’s petition protesting the move, started Tuesday afternoon, garnered several hundred signatures by the end of the day. Phil Bacharach, a spokesman for Superintendent Joy


At Oklahoma State Capitol, Barely a Murmur of Hispanic Voices

By M. Scott Carter Oklahoma Watch Mary Sosa’s campaign is over. The yard signs have been taken down. The volunteers have gone home. The retired 65-year-old city employee has returned to her work as a community volunteer. But for Sosa and some south Oklahoma City Hispanic leaders, the sting and bitterness over an unexpected defeat


Oklahoma Tribes Pushing Minimum Wage Higher

By M. Scott Carter Oklahoma Watch Though the minimum wage remains at $7.25 per hour for most Oklahomans, several tribal nations pay more or have boosted their entry-level wage above the federal level, a move that could cause the Oklahoma Legislature to take another look at the issue. The wage boosts have occurred over the


With Measles Close, Oklahoma Schools See Rise in Unvaccinated Students

By Nate Robson Oklahoma Watch As measles cases rise in nearby states, Oklahoma schools are seeing increasing percentages of kindergarteners walk into their classrooms without required immunization shots, according to survey data from the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Records show the percentage of kindergarteners whose families have claimed an immunization exemption under state law


Oklahoma Younger, More Hispanic

By Warren Vieth Oklahoma Watch Oklahoma is one of only seven states that grew younger last year, thanks in part to an influx of 20-something oilfield workers, newly-released Census Bureau data shows. The Sooner State also became slightly more Hispanic, as a higher birthrate within that population group more than offset a leveling-off of new