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Oklahoma Hospitals Spend Small Fractions of Revenue on Charity Care

Oklahoma Hospitals Spend Small Fractions of Revenue on Charity Care

By Clifton Adcock Oklahoma Watch Despite a congressman’s recent assurance that many hospitals “do the work for free,” Oklahoma’s hospitals spend less than 3 percent of their net patient revenues on charity care on average, records show. During a town hall meeting last month, Second District Congressman Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla., assured callers worried about the


Sex Crimes Are Most Common Reason Oklahoma Police Lose Certification

By Shaun Hittle Oklahoma Watch More than a quarter of Oklahoma peace officers who were disciplined by the state’s certification agency or surrendered their certifications over three years were convicted of or pleaded guilty to sex crimes, according to records analyzed by Oklahoma Watch. From 2010 to 2012, 66 officers had their certifications revoked or


Unlike Nation, Oklahoma Is Failing to Reduce Drunken-Driving Deaths

By Shaun Hittle Oklahoma Watch During most of the past two decades, the annual number of alcohol-related traffic deaths across the country has fallen by about 20 percent, to more than 11,500. More stringent drunken driving laws, widespread public education campaigns and safer vehicles have all played a role in that sharp reduction. In Oklahoma,


Justice Reforms: A Tale of Two States

By Shaun Hittle Oklahoma Watch Several years ago, legislators in both Oklahoma and North Carolina began taking steps to address rising incarceration rates. The number of incarcerated offenders in Oklahoma had increased by a few thousand inmates in the past decade, giving the state one of the highest rates of imprisonment in the nation. The


Study Identifies Jobs With Largest Number of Uninsured in Oklahoma

By Warren Vieth and Darren Jaworkski Oklahoma Watch When the government starts helping low-wage workers pay for health insurance next year, 6,704 Oklahoma cooks will be left empty-handed. So will 6,154 cashiers, 4,572 waiters, 4,207 housekeepers and 3,870 retail salespeople, an Oklahoma Watch data analysis shows.They are among 109,227 uninsured Oklahoma workers whose annual incomes

Rodrigo Ponce, of Oklahoma City, is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico whose kidneys are failing. Barred from Medicaid and unable to find other health insurance, he is racking up debt and seeking help from family members to continue dialysis treatments.
(Photo: Warren Vieth / Oklahoma Watch)

Prospects Are Few for Undocumented Immigrants in Failing Health in Oklahoma

By Chase Cook Oklahoma Watch When they’re ill, they borrow medicine from relatives or get discounted prescriptions from a community health center. If they’re hurting from an ear infection, back sprain or other painful injury, they may go to an emergency room. If they’re depressed and can’t sleep or function well, they may wait for