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UCONN Study: Puerto Rican Foods Preserve Cultural Identity

UCONN Study: Puerto Rican Foods Preserve Cultural Identity A long-term study by two ethno-botanists demonstrated that people retain culinary customs years after they migrate, and identified key foods that are emblematic of a community’s culinary conservation. The two-part study by UConn alum David W. Taylor ’94 (CLAS), now an assistant professor of biology at the University of Portland, and his former professor


The Latina Who Is Opera’s New ‘It Girl’

By Annika Darling “The music I sing comes to me as a beautiful, sublime gift.” ~Isabel Leonard At 32 years old Isabel Leonard is one of the world’s most in-demand mezzo-sopranos. CBC Music recently crowned her opera’s new “it girl.” This raven-haired beauty’s next performance will be Saturday, July 12, wherein she will take


The Connecticut Latino Behind The ‘Borinqueneers’ Bill

Brian Woodman, Jr. Frank Medina, grew up in Bridgeport, CT and still remembers when he first learned about the legendary ‘Borinqueneers.’ It was from his grandfather, who served in the 65th Infantry Regiment. Medina remembered the story of the valiant unit, which fought in some of the fiercest battles in WWI, II and the


Connecticut’s Young, Latino, and Political

By Adam Chiara The three have only lived for 84 years, yet in that time, these young Latinos have already made an impact in Connecticut politics. From leading a state commission, to serving on a city council, to heading the state’s leading Hispanic Democratic Caucus and working in a U.S. senator’s office, there is


Bridgeport, Connecticut’s ‘SOY’ – Grassroots Activism To Prevent Youth Violence

By Doug Maine Save Our Youth, a grassroots organization formed by Bridgeport parents and other concerned adults just two years ago to prevent youth violence, has grown to have a master list of more than 800 youths who have taken part in its various programs. “We’re very diverse. We never know who we’re going


Latinos In Connecticut’s Technical Schools Graduating at Higher Rates

Brian Woodman, Jr. Latinos enrolled in the Connecticut’s technical school system are graduating at a higher rate than those in general schools and have a higher than general average rate of going on to college, according to the state’s new superintendent of the Technical High School System system, Dr. Nivea Torres. Torres, who was