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Latino Textile Artist Asks For Help To Reach Fundraising Goal

Latino Textile Artist Asks For Help To Reach Fundraising Goal

Lisa S. Lenkiewicz Latino visual artist, textile designer and weaving instructor Ruben Marroquin is a big dreamer. For the past two years, he has operated an art and weaving studio out of a storefront at the Arcade Mall in downtown Bridgeport. Now he wants to go a step further and build a sustainable business


Connecticut’s Low-Income Hispanic Children Use Dental Services At High Rate

Doug Maine CTLatinoNews Hispanic children from low-income families have the highest use rate for dental services – 76 percent – in the state’s HUSKY A (Medicaid) program in 2012. That was greater than the rates for African-American children (70 percent) and Caucasian children (72 percent). That data is part of a report called “Something to


CT’s “Drive Only” Licenses For Undocumented Residents A Reality Thanks To Hard Work

By Bill Sarno Beginning with the new year, hundreds of undocumented immigrants, many of whom are Hispanic, will be reporting each week to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicle offices to begin the process of obtaining a new type of state-issued driver’s license. These licenses, which are not valid for state or federal identification


Tackling Growing Substance Abuse Among Hispanics

Bill Sarno As it enters its 45th year of treating substance abuse, Hartford-based Youth Challenge of Connecticut, a faith-based nonprofit treatment facility has a critical ongoing mission, which is embedded in the demographics of substance abuse in Connecticut. While the rate of Latino substance abusers generally mirrors the state’s overall population, the number of


Young Latino Republican Wins A Surprise Victory To Become Connecticut State Representative

Bill Sarno CTLatinoNews Thoughout his teen years, or practically half his life, Aundré Bumgardner has worked in political campaigns for Republican candidates in southeast Connecticut. This year, at age 20, Bumgardner, whose describes his roots as Hispanic and African-American, decided to run for himself. He obtained his party’s nod to run for the state House