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Interview with Ray Suarez PBS Newshour correspondent and author of Latino Americans

Interview with Ray Suarez PBS Newshour correspondent and author of Latino Americans

By Juniper Rose Hispanic Link Following is an interview with Ray Suarez, broadcast journalist, PBS Newshour senior correspondent and author of “Latino Americans” by Hispanic Link reporter, Juniper Rose. “Latino Americans” is the first major documentary series to highlight the history of the more than 50 million Latinos who live in the United States today.

Supporters of the National Movement of Regeneration (MORENA) take part during a protest against the new proposed energy reforms in front of the Hemiciclo a Juarez monument in Mexico City

New, Old Grievances Rile Border Residents

By Kent Paterson Frontera NorteSur On Sundays, the Benito Juarez Monument in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez is a popular community gathering spot of goods, services, culture and ideas. Strolling couples, fun-seeking families, brawny bikers, long-haired rockers, and old farm hands known as braceros- a cross-section of border and Juarez society- mill about


Former braceros’ march across U.S. for back pay ends in D.C.

By Andrés Rodríguez Borderzine WASHINGTON – A group of elderly migrant laborers ended a cross-country protest Thursday outside the White House, hoping the U.S. would prod Mexico to pay money owed to them for work they did decades ago. “We want Washington and the whole world to know that the Mexican government stole our money,”

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Northern Arizona University professor touts Latin-themed kids’ books at National Book Festival

By Brandon Brown Cronkite News Service WASHINGTON – Monica Brown looked out at her audience at the National Book Festival and saw a mix of faces, races, ages and backgrounds – just the way she wants it to be. Brown, an English professor at Northern Arizona University, writes children’s books that are inspired by her


Chicago’s Mexican art museum celebrates Posada’s 100-year anniversary of his death

By Eleanore Catolico EXTRA News Folk art-loving families gathered together in Pilsen to honor the Day of the Dead’s most mysterious yet outspoken figures. On Friday, Sept. 13, The National Museum of Mexican Art (NMMA) hosted an opening reception for its annual Day of the Dead artist exhibit but this time with a historical twist.


Latino Political Influence In A Connecticut Suburb?

By Brian Woodman Jr. A Latino candidate in one Connecticut suburb is working to make the political scene in his town more inclusive, by reaching out to Latino voters, perhaps signaling new Latino political influence outside of the traditional urban areas. “Given that there has never been an elected town official of Latino descent