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Top 10 states dependent on federal aid are Republican-led

Top 10 states dependent on federal aid are Republican-led

By Warren Vieth Oklahoma Watch Oklahoma ranks seventh in the nation in its reliance on federal funding to supplement state revenue, according to calculations by State Treasurer Ken Miller. Of each dollar spent by Oklahoma government during the 2011 fiscal year, more than 43 cents was provided by the federal government, Miller said in his


Delaware bill gives hope for passage of driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants

El Tiempo Hispano Delaware Senators Townsend and Marshall and Representatives Keeley and Miro presented a bill to have the state issue driver’s license to undocumented immigrants. The purpose of the bill is to conduct a study and make recommendations which will improve safety and insurance coverage in Delaware drivers. Current law prohibits the Division of


Grassroots group formed to save ‘over the air’ PBS for colonia children

By Steve Taylor Rio Grande Guardian McALLEN, TEXAS — Concerned that children in colonias will miss out on “over the air” PBS educational programs, a grassroots pressure group has been formed to fight the sale of KMBH-TV. The group, which will likely be called “Save PBS-RGV,” was formed following a quarterly meeting of the RGV


Obama, Republicans Fail to Advance Hopes on Immigration Reform

By Aaron Montes Hispanic Link WASHINGTON, D.C. – When President Barack Obama delivered the fifth State of the Union address of his presidency, he dedicated just three sentences to immigration reform. Not once did he mention the contributions or needs of Latinos, nor did he touch on his administration’s handling of deportations. Most of his


Sonya Sotomayor Shares How She Lives In Her Two Worlds

By Wayne Jebian CTLatinoNews This past Monday, the students and faculty of the most exclusive university in the state – Yale – were privy to the thoughts of the first Latina admitted into the most exclusive club in the United States, the Supreme Court. Justice Sonya Sotomayor was interviewed by the Yale law professor Judith