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The Lucrative Business of Chilean Fruit in Delaware

The Lucrative Business of Chilean Fruit in Delaware

By Fernando Alcayaga El Tiempo Hispano Let’s do an experiment. Go to your refrigerator and take that apple you just bought at the supermarket. Turn over the fruit until you find the label stuck to it. What did you find? If you found the word Chile … then you’re one of the thousands of consumers


HIV/AIDS Awareness Still Faces Obstacles in Border Region

By Laura Iesue Frontera NorteSur Editor’s Note: Often overshawdowed by other issues, HIV/AIDS continues claiming victims along the U.S-Mexico border and worldwide. In today’s story, New Mexico State University’s Laura Iesue, graduate student of sociology, outlines some of the outstanding issues in addressing a vital health issue of our times. Though HIV/AIDS awareness has made


Rio Grande Valley business leaders push back against legislator’s plans for more border walls and Afghanistan-type operation command centers in region

By Steve Taylor Rio Grande Guardian McALLEN, RGV – Rio Grande Valley business and economic development leaders have started to push back against U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul’s plans to add more border walls and mount Afghanistan-type operation command centers in the region. Among the first to speak out against the Border Security First Act, which


Connecticut’s Low-Income Hispanic Children Use Dental Services At High Rate

Doug Maine CTLatinoNews Hispanic children from low-income families have the highest use rate for dental services – 76 percent – in the state’s HUSKY A (Medicaid) program in 2012. That was greater than the rates for African-American children (70 percent) and Caucasian children (72 percent). That data is part of a report called “Something to