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Arizona teens get ready for tough job market

Arizona teens get ready for tough job market

By Frank X. Moraga AmigosNAZ Classes on filling out job applications, interview techniques prepare youth for competitive summer job season It looked like a typical classroom with adult speakers talking in front of a group of teens. But then it got real. The teens were, in fact, would-be job hunters and soon spread out across

Mental Health

Phoenix Latina teens’ video on mental illness garners national recognition

By Colton Gavin Cronkite News Service WASHINGTON – When Shelly Ortiz and some classmates at Metropolitan Arts Institute in Phoenix were looking for the subject of what would become their award-winning short documentary, they didn’t have to look far. “I have a lot of friends who struggle with mental illness,” Ortiz said. “We tried to


Life, Death and Struggle on New Mexico’s Mean Streets

Frontera NorteSur Albuquerque’s Wyoming Boulevard bustles on the edge of what some people call the War Zone and others name the International District. Both names really fit, but perhaps in ways not completely envisioned by the architects of popular lingo. Here, the urban geography is imprinted with the social shrapnel of foreign and domestic wars,

1070 Hearing

Supreme Court rejects Arizona’s appeal of law on harboring immigrants

By Mauro Whiteman Cronkite News Service WASHINGTON – The U.S. Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling Monday that blocked an Arizona law that would make it a crime to harbor, transport or conceal an illegal immigrant. The high court denied, without comment, Arizona’s appeal of a 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling


Pollster: Arizona’s switch from red to blue state ‘inevitable’

By Joe Martin Cronkite News Service PHOENIX – Arizona has a national reputation for hard-core conservatism, but it’s inevitable that Democrats will hold sway in the state as the Latino population grows and independent voters surge, a pollster said Saturday. Jim Haynes, president and CEO of the Phoenix-based Behavior Research Center, said the shift has


Senator wants Arizona to spend $30 million on virtual border fence

By Jordan Young Cronkite News Service PHOENIX – As a 25-foot tower set up in the state Senate parking lot scanned those walking by Tuesday, a senator said Arizona should invest in such a system to help the Border Patrol. “In my opinion, this tower, what we’re looking at here, is the next step for