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Making Delaware history: Victor Ayala, first Hispanic promoted to police inspector in Wilmington

By Gabriel Pilonieta-Blanco El Tiempo Hispano WILMINGTON, DELAWARE — Ayala is a simple man who without his uniform might go unnoticed, but the reality is that his work as a police officer has led him to take the second most important position at police headquarters in the city of Wilmington, making history as the Hispanic

Superior Court of Delaware rules deported workers still have right to compensation

By Gabriel Pilonieta-Blanco El Tiempo Hispano A controversial decision of the Superior Court of Delaware provides that a worker, although being deported, does not lose the right to compensation In October 2012, the Superior Court Judge of Delaware, Jerome O. Herlihy, ruled in the case of Saúl Melgar Ramírez, 47, who had been deported to

New Latino Leader for Gay DC

By Jose Sueiro Metro Diversity.com At first sight the young Mexican American, Martin Diego García appears to be one of those youth focused on ‘chatting’, a nerd occupied with his computer and always ‘texting’ friends and acquaintances. But look closely and you realize this man, with the baby face and librarian’s glasses, is a natural

The Delaware Leadership Project: Finding principals to lead high-need urban and rural schools

El Tiempo Hispano The Delaware Leadership Project (DLP) is a new, state-approved alternate route to principal certification program for those interested in leading our state’s highest-need urban and rural schools. DELAWARE — The 14 months of preparation that aspiring principals receive is specifically tailored to the complex challenge of leading schools that serve low-income communities,

El Tiempo Hispano

Delaware community introduces Mexican nun to a whole new world

El Tiempo Hispano WILMINGTON, DELAWARE — At the heart of Wilmington, near the financial district, live 7 sisters dedicated to prayer and meditation, following the example of their order’s founder. Sister Carmen, without abandoning her permanent smile, greets us in a cozy room in the house of the Order of Saint Clare of this city.