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Latina artists showcase pride in indigenous culture and folklore

Latina artists showcase pride in indigenous culture and folklore

By James Smith LatinaLista Philadelphia – An extensive exhibition of the works of more than twenty emerging Latina artists was offered by Raices Culturales, Friday, at 1417 N. 2nd street, the spacious Crane Arts Building headquarters of Raices. A showcase of an eclectic selection of paintings, photographs, sculptures and textile weavings from artists who are


Intrn’l Video: Showcasing the creative minds of Bolivia’s design world

LatinaLista — Time-lapse photography is a popular filmmaking technique that showcases the wonder of life. From nature to urban settings, time-lapse photography condenses the energy of life into just a few minutes. It also makes 100 hours go by ultra-fast. In the featured video, time-lapse photography is used to give viewers a taste of the


Video: Mexican-born artist uses traditional cloths as canvasses to show resilience of female spirit

LatinaLista — Mexican-born artist Andrea Arroyo is known for celebrating the resilience of the human spirit in her distinctive works and so it made perfect sense that her latest exhibit, “Memories Interlaced,” which closed on January 31, 2014, would be held in a place with such historical significance. The Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz


Video: Smithsonian Latino art curator explains the meaning behind “Brownies of the Southwest”

LatinaLista — The Smithsonian American Art Museum is host to the exhibit “Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art.” To bring the exhibition to a wider Latino audience, the museum’s Latino art curator, E. Carmen Ramos, highlights a piece from the exhibit and explains the concept behind the piece and the motivating factors that


Video: Young California artist creates life-size cutouts of immigrant workers to bring immigration issue to the masses

LatinaLista — Ramiro Gomez is known for his life-size cardboard dolls but he’s not playing around. This California artist is giving a “presence” to those considered the most invisible and least appreciated of all U.S. workers — the Latino immigrant. Whether it’s a replica of his own parents — his custodian-working mother and truck driver


Video: Latino artist creates a “written painting for and about the nature of language”

LatinaLista — How does one paint language? It was a challenge that abstract artist José Parlá gladly accepted when he was commissioned to create a mural for the James B. Hunt Library in Raleigh, North Carolina. The library, at North Carolina State University, is known for integrating the library’s architecture with technology and so a