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When sicarios threatened to kill her, the muralist brought her art to El Paso

By Danielle Urbina, Photography by Ivan Pierre Aguirre Borderzine EL PASO – Her art name means magician and just like a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, muralist Margarita “Mago” Gandara pulls creativity and rebellion from deep within her soul to produce intricate murals, sculptures and bronze pieces that mirror the Mexican-American culture

Op Ed: San Antonio’s Museo Alameda – saved again by “La Mano Poderosa”

Staff Editorial La Prensa San Antonio San Antonio.- The intent of our city’s art leaders, the Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA) and the Cultural Arts Board (CAB), to defund the Museo Alameda is alarming and warrants in-depth analysis. The recommendation, which could devastate one of the few Latino-dedicated visual arts museums in our nation, threatens

Mexican artist puts voice and sound in honoring the dead found along US-Mexico border

LatinaLista — The dead bodies of hundreds of immigrants found along the US-Mexico border is a haunting reality by itself but Mexican artist Luz María Sánchez has created a special sound-based art installation that makes 2,487 of these dead souls hauntingly come alive. The sad statistic reflects the number of dead who were found in