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Going vegan — Latina-style

LatinaLista   It wasn’t that long ago that any Latina who announced to family and friends that she was a vegan — people who don’t eat meat, eggs or dairy products — would immediately receive one of three things: shocked looks accompanied by the sign of the cross, have a candle lit in her honor

Julian Samora: The man who brought Latino Studies to campus curricula

By Sarah Dahlen LatinaLista The Mexican-American experience is widely considered to be a worthwhile field of academic inquiry, to the extent that today’s college student may not be aware of the struggles involved in arriving at such widespread recognition. This is why Moving Beyond Borders: Julian Samora and the Establishment of Latino Studies is a

A bilingual approach to hearing sounds

By Aracelli Astorga LatinaLista In the Spanish-language book, Con mis oidos, by Mariana I. Pellegrino, with illustrations by Mariana Nemitz, children are introduced to the many wonderful things people can hear by using our ears — school bells ringing, birds singing, ocean waves splashing. The book’s text is made up of simple sentences that are