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A young athlete’s dream turns into Olympic Gold

By Alma Ramos-McDermott LatinaLista How does a poor Mexican-American kid pull himself out of the slums to win a 2006 Beijing Olympic gold medal in freestyle wrestling? In bold, descriptive language, Henry Cejudo tells his story in the book “American Victory,” published by Penguin Books. In the autobiography, Henry shares memories of his alcoholic father

University librarians dust off Mexican cookbook collection to make and share dishes celebrating Latino cuisine –  When it comes to family recipes, most cooks can pull out a recipe handed down from their grandmothers. But it’s not often that someone can claim a recipe made by great or great-great grandmothers. Unfortunately, most of the recipes from bygone generations have been lost, unless they were written, bound and published in

Going vegan — Latina-style

LatinaLista   It wasn’t that long ago that any Latina who announced to family and friends that she was a vegan — people who don’t eat meat, eggs or dairy products — would immediately receive one of three things: shocked looks accompanied by the sign of the cross, have a candle lit in her honor