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Latina Lista wants to help libraries in underserved communities get free books

LatinaLista — When it comes to city budget cuts, more and more of the nation’s libraries are considered expendable. Yet, in a nation that needs reading scores and comprehension levels to increase, cutting libraries out of the budget or cutting library budgets themselves seems short-sighted to say the least. Librarians are so alarmed at the

Latinos of different origins get along while striving for success, making an impact and sharing the Big Apple

LatinaLista — The evolution of the Latino community in New York City is a vibrant and colorful history that deserves to be known. The only trouble is that the Big Apple’s Hispanic community has a rainbow of sub-communities, each with their own histories and traditions. Trying to bring these stories together for easy reading is

Spotlight Nonprofit: A writing program that empowers the WriteGirl

LatinaLista — It’s one thing to put words to paper or computer screen but quite another to share those words through publication or public reading. When that “sharing” step is achieved, the words don’t just ring out with greater authority, the writers themselves are empowered and emboldened to no longer remain silent and finally understand

Remembering Latino Patriots

LatinaLista — On Memorial Day, we remember all people who lost their lives in service to our country. Their contributions and sacrifices should be honored and remembered by us all. Yet, due to past prejudices that existed in this country, the complete story of military contributions of Latinos and other soldiers of color is incomplete.