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Spotlight Nonprofit: A writing program that empowers the WriteGirl

LatinaLista — It’s one thing to put words to paper or computer screen but quite another to share those words through publication or public reading. When that “sharing” step is achieved, the words don’t just ring out with greater authority, the writers themselves are empowered and emboldened to no longer remain silent and finally understand

Remembering Latino Patriots

LatinaLista — On Memorial Day, we remember all people who lost their lives in service to our country. Their contributions and sacrifices should be honored and remembered by us all. Yet, due to past prejudices that existed in this country, the complete story of military contributions of Latinos and other soldiers of color is incomplete.

Cuban-born artist shares experience of Castro’s revolution in new graphic novel

LatinaLista — The Cuban Revolution was a time in history that remains vivid in the memories of some Cuban Americans. Stories of personal hardship, sacrifice, loss, risk and torture have been shared among the Cuban American community ever since some were lucky enough to escape Castro’s domination. Unfortunately, a lot of those stories never got

Latino groups gear up for final battle with TX State Board of Education

LatinaLista – On the heels of Arizona abolishing ethnic studies curriculum for their students, the final phase of the next most controversial action against ethnic contributions to state and national history is about to take place. On Wednesday, May 19, numerous representatives of the Latino community will give testimony in Austin, Texas as to why the Social

Guest Voz: Study finds certain college texts largely ignore Latino contributions

By Drs. Jessica Lavariega-Monforti & Adam McGlynn LatinaLista — On May 11, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law a bill targeting the teaching of ethnic studies. Under the new law, any school district will lose ten percent of its state financing if it offers classes “designed for students of a particular ethnic group, advocates