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By Sarah Dahlen LatinaLista Ciudad Juarez has become an unfortunate symbol of all that is wrong at the U.S./Mexico border: violence, poverty, exploitation, lawlessness. With an average homicide rate of 200 people per month in recent years, this reputation is not entirely undeserved. But Juarez and the rest of the Paso del Norte Region, which […]

By Pam Burrell LatinaLista Woodburn, Oregon’s population is 51 percent Hispanic and 49 percent Anglo. It has the highest concentration of taquerias in the state and on Saturday afternoons the parks are crowded with Hispanic men’s soccer league games which culminate every August with an intense men’s league tournament called Fiesta Mexicana. In The Boys […]

LatinaLista — The number of Latina book authors who have been able to break the proverbial glass wall of the publishing industry and get noticed enough to be propelled onto mainstream reading lists has always been too low. Because of that reason, it’s not unusual for many Latinos to never be able to attend a […]

LatinaLista — What do you get when you ask some successful Latinas their professional insights on subjects near and dear to their hearts? In this case, you get a new E-book titled The New Latina Guide to a Fabulous 2011 Year! The brainchild of New Latina founder, Angelica Perez-Litwin, the e-book features inspirational insights and […]

By Lisa Lopez LatinaLista The book “My Name is Jorge: On Both Sides of the River” by Jane Medina is a vivid portrait of a young boy’s personal experience in a new country. Through bilingual poetic prose, the author manages to capture the constant struggles a Mexican family endures while crossing over the Rio Grande […]

By Lisa Lopez LatinaLista Jane Medina’s “The Dream on Blanca’s Wall” is an outstanding bilingual collection of poems from Blanca’s point of view. Similarly to Medina’s previous notable book “My Name is Jorge”, this poetic collection presents the female perspective on the universal struggles to fit into a new society and country. Blanca is a […]

By Martha Rico LatinaLista Benjamin, Daniel and Alejandra love spending time with their abuelos at their farm on the weekends. They especially look forward to Grandpa’s special breakfasts and working together outdoors doing chores. On one particular visit, Benjamin claims to see something on the burnt tortilla Grandpa Luis serves him. He says it is […]

By Angela Villanueva LatinaLista.net Enrique Martin Morales or Ricky Martin, as most of us know him, has always been a very private man. Constantly battling rumors that he was gay, he would always respond with a “no comment” when posed the question. If pressed, he would simply say it was a private matter. The public […]

By Alma Ramos-McDermott LatinaLista How does a poor Mexican-American kid pull himself out of the slums to win a 2006 Beijing Olympic gold medal in freestyle wrestling? In bold, descriptive language, Henry Cejudo tells his story in the book “American Victory,” published by Penguin Books. In the autobiography, Henry shares memories of his alcoholic father […]

LatinaLista.net —  When it comes to family recipes, most cooks can pull out a recipe handed down from their grandmothers. But it’s not often that someone can claim a recipe made by great or great-great grandmothers. Unfortunately, most of the recipes from bygone generations have been lost, unless they were written, bound and published in […]


Going vegan — Latina-style

LatinaLista   It wasn’t that long ago that any Latina who announced to family and friends that she was a vegan — people who don’t eat meat, eggs or dairy products — would immediately receive one of three things: shocked looks accompanied by the sign of the cross, have a candle lit in her honor […]

LatinaLista — For most Latino families, one way to keep a connection to the family culture is to speak Spanish in the home. Research shows that generationally-speaking, it gets harder and harder to do. Usually, people end up taking Spanish in school or watching Spanish-language TV to keep language skills up to par. Yet, there […]

By Lisa Lopez LatinaLista   The world of flamenco performance is beautifully depicted in this illustrative photo essay entitled ¡OLÉ! Flamenco by George Ancona and published by Lee & Low Books. Ancona manages to convey a true love of the ancient and international music and dance of flamenco. The book commences by introducing the meaning […]

By Alma Ramos-McDermott LatinaLista What will Beto do now that he has walked away from the only home he’s ever known? It’s a question that will keep readers engaged as they follow Beto’s journey in the young adult novel “A good long way” by René Saldaña Jr. and published by Arte Publico Press. Beto is […]

By Aracelli Astorga LatinaLista In the Spanish-language book, Con mis oidos, by Mariana I. Pellegrino, with illustrations by Mariana Nemitz, children are introduced to the many wonderful things people can hear by using our ears — school bells ringing, birds singing, ocean waves splashing. The book’s text is made up of simple sentences that are […]

By Martha Rico LatinaLista “But a monster might take me away forever!” is the line Roberto uses each time his mother asks him to do a specific chore in the bilingual tale titled No Time for Monsters/No Hay Tiempo para Monstruos by Spelile Rivas and illustrated by Valeria Cervantes. Roberto is a typical child who […]

By Lisa Lopez LatinaLista On a scorching hot day, somewhere in a small town in Texas, extreme thirst and competitive snow cone sales lead readers to a colorful adventure in the bilingual tale of The Battle of the Snow Cones/La Guerra de las Raspas by Lupe Ruiz-Flores. Ten-year-old Elena is an imaginative and enthusiastic ten-year-old […]

LatinaLista Chef Denise Portillo shows it takes talent, perseverance and vision to overcome challenges on the way to creating a Bella (beautiful) business. Denise Portillo believes in doing what you love even if it comes with challenges – lots of them. It was that sentiment that spurred this single Latina mother to enter the male […]