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Project focuses lens on Latinos and Muslim Americans to showcase “humanity within misunderstood cultures” — Over the last several months, Latina Lista has featured a number of worthwhile community projects that were in the running for Pepsi Refresh Project. To “refresh” our memories, the project was created by the marketing department at Pepsico last year who thought they could do a better job of connecting with consumers through

INTERVIEW: Belita not “Benny” Moreno

By Al Carlos Hernandez Herald de Paris HOLLYWOOD — Actress/acting coach Belita Moreno is one of the most recognizable comedic actress on television and probably the most recognizable Latinas in the history of network TV. She can be seen on televisions around the world and is best known for her television roles as George Lopez’s

Focusing the Hollywood spotlight on fellow Latino artists turns a job into a mission

By Nilki Benitez Bel-lissima! Latin Heat’s CEO and founder, Bel Hernandez, curtsied out of the limelight to promote Latinos in Hollywood. Bel Hernandez is a Hollywood star, but she’s not your typical star. Although her talent has graced television and film heavy-weights such as L.A. Law, Beverly Hills 90210, Born in East L.A. and Selena,

Free movie tickets for screening of new film From Mexico with Love

LatinaLista — Among those in the Latino community who toil and sweat doing backbreaking work with very little recognition, appreciation or hope that their lives will improve are the migrant farmers. Lately, we’ve heard a couple of success stories of former migrant laborers going on to unbelievable achievements — Jose Hernandez, the NASA astronaut and

New film chronicling impact of state-sponsored immigration laws urgently needs help to finish before deadline

LatinaLista — When it comes to state mandated immigration enforcement, two states that top the list of literally trying to drive out undocumented immigrants, and make Latino residents uncomfortable, are Arizona and Oklahoma. What’s happening in Arizona is more widely known courtesy of Sheriff Joe Arpaio but little is really known about what’s happening in