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Understanding who are today’s veterans

LatinaLista — For some people, the first realization that today was Veteran’s Day may have been when they went to the post office and found it closed, or tried to cash a check and discovered it was dark at their bank or getting caught up in a traffic jam due to a local Veteran’s Day

Guest Voz: Fallen comrades must not be forgotten on Veteran’s Day

By Luis Cantu LatinaLista On this Veteran’s Day across the nation, while parades marched down the Main Streets of cities and small towns and parties were thrown honoring today’s enlisted military personnelI, there were other observances happening as well — much somber ones in cemeteries. Veterans eulogized their fallen comrades on this Veteran’s Day. One

E. TX town’s Latino population growth responsible for local museum receiving one of the nation’s largest Mexican folk art collections

LatinaLista — In the laid-back East Texas town of Tyler, total population less than 100,000, there was a strange sign of how even small towns in one of the reddest states in the Union aren’t immune to demographic changes. Tyler boasts a Latino population of about 40,000, 20 percent of its population. It’s a fact

A haunting we will go

By Alicia Conde La Prensa de San Antonio SAN ANTONIO — Hauntings in San Antonio are not limited to the boundaries of the historical Alamo where many defenders and Mexican soldiers died, and they travel far beyond the notorious South Side railroad tracks. Ghosts have little prudence– they appear anywhere and not always wait till