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Video: Historian chronicles the vital role ‘curiosity’ plays in advancing humankind

Video: Historian chronicles the vital role ‘curiosity’ plays in advancing humankind

LatinaLista — The innovation happening in the world today would never have occurred had there not been people who were curious enough to search for answers to their questions. In fact, curiosity is what has driven almost every major scientific breakthrough, discovery and invention throughout history — no coincidence that Mars’ rover was christened “Curiosity”


Video: Cyber-visitors get sneak peek at new Latino art exhibit opening at Smithsonian American Art Museum

LatinaLista — For all the talk — and debate — over the Latino/Hispanic identity, a question that begs to be asked is: When did the concept of a collective Latino identity emerge? It’s a question answered in the newest exhibit at Washington’s Smithsonian American Art Museum, titled Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art.


Intrn’l Video: Full-length NOVA documentary about Machu Pichuu highlights the existence of new discoveries

LatinaLista — Among the many intriguing archeological sites around the world, the ones that stir the most interest among Latina Lista readers are those that can be found in the Americas. From Mexico and Guatemala to Peru, the remnants of what the Aztec, Mayan, Incan and countless unknown civilizations left behind throughout South America stir


Viernes Video: One son’s tribute to his mother’s legacy of taking a stand against a “Stolen Education”

LatinaLista — The old saying — “history is written by the victors” — is never more true than when it comes to Latino U.S. history. Unless an egregious incident involving Latinos reached a U.S. court, chances are no one heard about it. Sometimes not even a victory in court was enough to warrant a historical

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Viernes Video: Tracing the nation’s historical path to racial equality

LatinaLista — In February 2013, the DISCOVERY channel released the documentary ID Films: March to Justice. The film, with its black-and-white grainy footage of the beginnings of the Black community’s movement demanding racial equality — from Rosa Parks to Bloody Sunday — vividly relays the unbelievable struggles of people of color to just be seen


Intrn’l Video: Uncovering the ancient bones of world’s biggest dinosaurs in South America

LatinaLista — South America may be better known for its illustrious ancient history — the Incas, Aztecs, Mayans, the Nazca Plain and pyramids — but the region has been steadily gaining recognition for being the home of more than just mysterious indigenous cultures. Archeologists have been discovering that before the ancient peoples populated the continent,