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By Juan Miret Hispano de Tulsa TULSA, Oklahoma – About 90 years ago and close to downtown Tulsa there once flourished a vibrant community, so prosperous that it was defined as the Black Wall Street. It was the Greenwood district, home to 15 grocery stores, four pharmacies, two newspapers, two public schools and two theaters. […]

By Valerie Godines Fitzgerald La Prensa SAN ANTONIO — City Council members have decided that Durango Boulevard between South Hackberry Street on the east and 36th Street on the west will be renamed César E. Chávez Boulevard — a decision that has sparked fevered support as well as protest. Council members voted 7-4 on Thursday […]

LatinaLista — The Navy’s recent goodwill gesture of offering to name a cargo ship after the iconic Latino civil rights leader Cesar Chavez is drawing fire from some people. It wasn’t unexpected. It wasn’t unexpected that far right-wingers, for whom Latino surnames are like the scent of blood to feeding sharks, would rally and proclaim […]


Just who owns Cinco de Mayo?

LatinaLista — Cinco de Mayo may be rooted in Mexican history — it commemorates the 1862 underdog victory of the Mexican army’s defeat of the well-armed French forces occupying the country — but it’s totally an American-made celebration. In fact it’s related to one of the United States most revered moments in history, the American […]

LatinaLista — If César Chavez were still alive, he would have been 84-years-old today. Long after his death, his words — “Si se puede” — live on; his mission of standing up for Latino farmworkers endures; and his legacy of tapping into the moral conscience of people by organizing them to produce a unified voice […]

By Mariana Llamas-Cendon Amigos805.com VENTURA COUNTY — The Bracero Program had a profoundly personal impact on the life of Jose Alamillo. His father, grandfather and other family members left their homes in Mexico and joined more than five million other Mexican nationals to work the fields in the United States. Mexican participants of the Bracero […]

LatinaLista — For some people, the first realization that today was Veteran’s Day may have been when they went to the post office and found it closed, or tried to cash a check and discovered it was dark at their bank or getting caught up in a traffic jam due to a local Veteran’s Day […]

By Luis Cantu LatinaLista On this Veteran’s Day across the nation, while parades marched down the Main Streets of cities and small towns and parties were thrown honoring today’s enlisted military personnelI, there were other observances happening as well — much somber ones in cemeteries. Veterans eulogized their fallen comrades on this Veteran’s Day. One […]

LatinaLista — In the laid-back East Texas town of Tyler, total population less than 100,000, there was a strange sign of how even small towns in one of the reddest states in the Union aren’t immune to demographic changes. Tyler boasts a Latino population of about 40,000, 20 percent of its population. It’s a fact […]


A haunting we will go

By Alicia Conde La Prensa de San Antonio SAN ANTONIO — Hauntings in San Antonio are not limited to the boundaries of the historical Alamo where many defenders and Mexican soldiers died, and they travel far beyond the notorious South Side railroad tracks. Ghosts have little prudence– they appear anywhere and not always wait till […]

LatinaLista — Winston Churchill got it right when he famously said, “History is written by the victors.” That statement has never been more true than on Columbus Day. Far from the idyllic school poem describing Columbus’ journey, there has been a growing realization among non-indigenous people that not everything was as sweet and innocent as […]

LatinaLista — The phrase “Si se puede” has been used so much in the last couple of years that it has become almost a cliche. Though most know the term originated with Cesar Chavez, most people have forgotten how or why — until now, thanks to a filmmaker named Rick Tejeda-Flores. In an e-mail to […]


Remembering Latino Patriots

LatinaLista — On Memorial Day, we remember all people who lost their lives in service to our country. Their contributions and sacrifices should be honored and remembered by us all. Yet, due to past prejudices that existed in this country, the complete story of military contributions of Latinos and other soldiers of color is incomplete. […]

LatinaLista — On the heels of Arizona abolishing ethnic studies curriculum for their students, the final phase of the next most controversial action against ethnic contributions to state and national history is about to take place. On Wednesday, May 19, numerous representatives of the Latino community will give testimony in Austin, Texas as to why the Social […]