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Spotlight Non-profit: Group shares loves of Spanish choral music with special outreach

LatinaLista — Think of Latin music and merengue, mariachi, salsa and even reggaeton may pop first into people’s minds, but choral music? Most people don’t even realize that within the Latino culture there is a rich legacy of choral music and it’s the mission of Washington, DC-based, Coral Cantigas, to enlighten everyone. The choir is

The demand for English classes by immigrants must be met now to comply with future immigration reform criteria

LatinaLista — One guarantee of any comprehensive immigration reform bill is that it will require all immigrants to learn English and attain a level of proficiency. When that happens, lawsuits challenging the validity of English tests, like the Fresno case where two dozen minority women were laid off from a manufacturing plant after failing to

New program helps the blind learn English with free program

LatinaLista — It pays to speak another language. Well, it pays better if that other language is English. According to research published in 2003, immigrants (in the United States) who have mastered English compared to those who speak it poorly earn 67 percent more in wages. New system to teach English incorporates both braille and

Lawmaker wants to give schools more flexibility on English learners

By GRISELDA NEVAREZ Cronkite News Service PHOENIX — State mandates on how school districts teach English language learners keep local officials from adopting systems that can most effectively address the needs of their students, a state lawmaker contends. “To say that one size fits all sometimes may work, but sometimes it does not,” said Rep.