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LatinaLista — Carlos Santana is more than just a Latino musical icon. Over the years, this talented guitarist has used his “stage” to promote literacy, expose discrimination, support up-and-coming Latino/a artists and given a voice to those who suffer without one. Never afraid to speak his mind, this 2013 Kennedy Center Award honoree was one […]


LatinaLista — The popularity of mariachi music is on its way to becoming as ingrained in the U.S. social fabric as salsa and Cinco de Mayo. In fact, the popularity of this iconic musical Mexican export extends beyond the traditional appearance at — Mexican American weddings, Quinceañeras, Las Mañanitas serenades, Cinco de Mayo celebrations and […]


LatinaLista — Since his debut single, Buenos Aires-born songwriter IMMI (GRANT) has striven to deliver music with a clear message. His first single, Immigrant/Inmigrante, a finalist in the 2012 John Lennon songwriting contest, was clear in its political overtones explaining the motivation of immigrants coming to the United States. In his second single, simply titled […]


By Juan Miret LatinaLista She has that fierce spirit of excellence. Like Rosie, the iconic woman portrayed in a WWII-era poster with the words “We Can Do It!,” – or perhaps: “¡Sí Se Puede!” – Berta Rojas is strong, emphatic, and inspirational. She is one of the top classical guitarists on the planet; and one […]


LatinaLista — Author Roma Calatayud-Stocks loves history, music and writing. It’s a combination that yielded an award-winning, and unusual, debut novel in 2012 for the Minneapolis native — a historical story with its own musical score, composed by Calatayud-Stocks. A Song in My Heart, the first in a planned trilogy series, is about a woman […]


LatinaLista — Latinos have been contributing to the world’s musical treasure trove for decades. Unfortunately, in the United States, recognition for Latin songwriters has been minimal, to say the least. The blaring omission of recognizing Latino performance art talent was highlighted in the recent dispute between Latino organizations and the Kennedy Center Honors which resulted […]

By Insight Tr3s Music is an essential part of all the Millennial lifestyle – and for Hispanic Millennials, it’s a fundamental part of their family life. Young Latinos generally have more of a foundation in music than their non-Hispanic peers because their families listen to more music at home, giving them a stronger familiarity with […]

LatinaLista — What happens when musical composers from the United States and Mexico get together? Well, in addition to creating beautiful music they open up a new transborder dialogue spoken through song. That’s the premise of a new binational initiative known as Entre Mujeres: Translocal Musical Dialogues. Entre Mujeres is a translocal music composition project […]

By Al Carlos Hernandez Herald de Paris HOLLYWOOD — “La India” is one of the biggest salsa music divas in the world. She was annointed ‘Princess of Salsa’ by the Queen of Salsa herself, Celia Cruz. India continues to mesmerize audiences around the world and is currently working on a duet album with Juan Gabriel […]

LatinaLista — For many Latinos, cuban-born, Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz was an iconic cultural treasure and epitomized the classic immigrant story involving discrimination, talent, perseverance and rise to success. Her story not only resonated with her fellow Latinos but it seems also with over 10,000 voters of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History’s […]

Insight Tr3s Ten years ago, the Billboard Latin Music Awards were dominated by artists that were ‘imported’ to the United States. This year, Bronx-born bachata star Prince Royce took home Artist of the Year and other bicultural acts such as Romeo Santos, Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias racked up key nominations, making it clear that Latin […]

By Angela Covo La Prensa de San Antonio SAN ANTONIO — This Sunday, the exuberant sounds and dance moves of Cuba will grace the Majestic when “The Kings of Salsa,” on tour in the U.S. from Havana, swing into action to share “el sabor de Cuba” with San Antonio. Cuban choreographer Roclan González Chavez explained […]

By José Villa, Senior Editor Hawaii Hispanic News HONOLULU, Hawaii – Saying that Sacha Boutros is a “jazz singer” is like saying a Porsche Turbo Carrera is a “car.” The maternal grandparents of this multilingual singer/ composer/producer – a frequent visitor to Hawaii – were born in Mazatlán and Guadalajara, Mexico. Her mother was born […]

LatinaLista — Virtual classes are nothing new. Answering roll call from behind a computer monitor in your pajamas is common from kindergarten to college these days. Yet, there has always been an understanding that some classes just don’t translate well in the virtual classroom, like learning to play instruments. After all, don’t teachers need to […]

LatinaLista — Last week, a new musical exhibit opened in Washington, DC called American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music. As anyone knows, at least in the Latino community, Latino music doesn’t fit just one style or is all from the same culture, though it’s lumped altogether under the same “Latino” label. According to Ranald […]