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Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum offers full slate of programs, exhibits and galleries — only a click away — While debate is still raging on the feasibility of creating the National Museum of the American Latino in Washington, D.C., which would focus on American Latino art, history and culture, there is already a Latino museum open and accessible to everyone in the country — via computer. Launched in 2009 by the Smithsonian

Univision launches new section that is all about la musica

LatinaLista — Regardless of how well a U.S. Latino speaks Spanish, there’s one area that unites all different generations of Latinos — la musica. While iTunes has their “Latin” department, there aren’t a lot of places to turn to find the latest Spanish musical artists. Univision hopes to change that. Launched last week, Univision Musica

Reggae group creates special song to raise money to “solar electrify” hospitals and clinics in Haiti

LatinaLista — As Mother Nature continues to show her strength around the world, we are reminded that there does exist rich countries and poor countries. The poor countries still suffer from the effects of natural disasters long after they happen. Such is the case with Haiti. The impact of the massive earthquake in Haiti can