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Univision launches new section that is all about la musica

LatinaLista — Regardless of how well a U.S. Latino speaks Spanish, there’s one area that unites all different generations of Latinos — la musica. While iTunes has their “Latin” department, there aren’t a lot of places to turn to find the latest Spanish musical artists. Univision hopes to change that. Launched last week, Univision Musica

Reggae group creates special song to raise money to “solar electrify” hospitals and clinics in Haiti

LatinaLista — As Mother Nature continues to show her strength around the world, we are reminded that there does exist rich countries and poor countries. The poor countries still suffer from the effects of natural disasters long after they happen. Such is the case with Haiti. The impact of the massive earthquake in Haiti can

Spotlight Non-profit: Group shares loves of Spanish choral music with special outreach

LatinaLista — Think of Latin music and merengue, mariachi, salsa and even reggaeton may pop first into people’s minds, but choral music? Most people don’t even realize that within the Latino culture there is a rich legacy of choral music and it’s the mission of Washington, DC-based, Coral Cantigas, to enlighten everyone. The choir is

Musical artists create Arizona boycott campaign over immigration bill

LatinaLista — The list of who is boycotting Arizona because of their passage of SB 1070 — which makes law enforcement officials stop, question and demand proof of legal residency of anyone whom they feel is in the country illegally — just got longer. It’s reported that the lead singer of Rage Against the Machine,