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Songs protesting racism is focal point of new Latino music contest

LatinaLista — Music isn’t just lyrics set to music in the Latino community. For generations, it’s also been a way to chronicle various protest movements within the history of Latinos in the United States. The most recent has been the immigration marches of 2006, and now the newly signed Arizona Senate Bill 1070 is inspiring

Is talent competition a false American Idol?

By Lorenzo Tijerina La Prensa de San Antonio.- Chicago-based talent search event scheduled to come to SA, suddenly cancels amid allegations of foul play. Amid controversy and allegations of foul play Riverwalk Plaza Hotel cancelled sponsorship of Hispanic talent competition Festicanto. According to an advertisement placed in La Prensa Newspaper–which was also pulled after the

Spotlight Non-profit: Opening the doors to top-tier American orchestras for Latino and Black student musicians

LatinaLista Among the nation’s classical musical orchestras, blacks and Latinos only constitute 5% of the musicians. A man by the name of Aaron P. Dworkin vowed to change those dismal statistics. With a vision to make classical music reflect the nation’s cultural diversity and have it play a role in the everyday lives of young

New site puts a new spin on rap music

LatinaLista — When people talk of hiphop, it’s understood that it’s not just about the music. Hiphop and rap represent a whole subculture that overtook the music industry and made the nation aware that urban youth face a totally different life experience than youth living in the burbs. Over time, even though the “burb youth”

Argentina: Buenos Aires eagerly awaits the reopening of its premier opera house, Teatro Colón

By Cecilia Mansilla ARGENTINA: Milan has La Scala. New York City has the New York Metropolitan and then there’s the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, the Munich National Theater and the Paris Opera. In Buenos Aires, we have the Colon Theater or better known here as Teatro Colón. Teatro Colón was opened in 1908 and is