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Video: Get to know Juan Manuel Merello — self-taught Spanish contemporary artist

Video: Get to know Juan Manuel Merello — self-taught Spanish contemporary artist

LatinaLista — Jose Manuel Merello is a self-taught contemporary artist based in Madrid. He has an eye for order in a scene that appears chaotic. “Spanish painting has, throughout the centuries, maintained a serene and melancholic regard: tragic but never violent. There is no such thing as violent Spanish painting. Even the most ferocious Goya


Site dedicated to preserving Spanish in bicultural families puts new twist on children’s summer reading program

LatinaLista — While there has always been debate as to whether or not English should be declared the ‘official’ language of the United States — currently, there are over 20 states that enacted laws or adopted amendments declaring it as such — there’s never been a debate as to the value of being bilingual. It

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Video: Latina writer taps into her Cuban heritage to create a ‘novel’ twist about the fate of Fidel Castro and Cuba

LatinaLista — For Cuban exile Elizabeth Huergo, and other political refugees from the Communist island, Fidel Castro is a person who single-handedly changed their lives and their destinies. So, those of them who daydream of what happens to their homeland when Castro dies can be forgiven for wishing that the inevitable comes sooner rather than

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New study shows immigration system rife with gender bias against immigrant Latinas

LatinaLista — A study 14 years in the making confirms that one sign of our nation’s broken immigration system is in its unequal treatment of immigrant women. The new study Gendered Paths to Legal Status: The Case of Latin American Immigrants in Phoenix, Arizona, published by the American Immigration Council, found that the U.S. immigration


Puerto Rico’s San José Church first-ever site from the island recognized on annual list of endangered historic places

LatinaLista — For the first time, the National Trust for Historic Preservation recognized a site in Puerto Rico for inclusion in their annual list of endangered historic places. San José Church in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico was included in this year’s round-up of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. Built in 1532, it is


Video: Getting the story out to all about the heroics and bravery of the only Latino-segregated Active-Duty military unit in US history

LatinaLista — They were officially known as the 65th Infantry Regiment. Yet to their families and friends they were the Borinqueneers — “the only Hispanic/Latino-segregated Active-Duty military unit in US history that played a prominent role in the American military, participating in three major wars (WWI, WWII, and the Korean War).” The regiment was comprised