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Bilingual posters about bracero program brings a DC exhibit to people everywhere

LatinaLista — Among the cool benefits of the Hispanic Heritage Month is that there is a heightened effort to bring the history of Latinos to the national forefront. Museums across the country incorporate local Latino contributions into their exhibits. Yet, there was one contribution, among many, that impacted the nation, as well as Mexicans —

Nation’s national parks getting in on Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations

LatinaLista — Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15, is in full swing (pardon the pun) but too many think it can only be celebrated in the “Little Mexico” or “Little Havana” sections of a city or at a one-time neighborhood parade, but that’s not true. More and more are learning that not all Latinos have

Banned Latino authors band together for coast-to-coast special observance of Hispanic Heritage Month

LatinaLista — The Librotraficante Movement was born in direct response to the actions of Arizona legislators who passed House Bill 2281 to ban Mexican American Studies in the state’s schools. Along with that ban came a series of oppressive literary restrictions targeting Latino-authored books. From explicit “prohibition of some books from classrooms, to new approval

New site makes sure everyone takes notice of Latinos in Hollywood

LatinaLista — Hollywood and Latinos used to be considered an oxymoron. Gradually, things have changed. Now more Latinos and Latinas are starring in primetime TV shows, co-starring in big screen films, appearing on cable TV shows, producing, writing and directing their own films and creating their own web series. Yet, because the TV Guides of

Latina entrepreneur does her part to inspire people to vote in presidential election

LatinaLista — Motivating Latinos to vote in the November presidential election is gaining momentum with each new “repeal” promise by the Romney campaign. Maybe as a way to inspire the electorate or intimidate critics, some groups are making bold predictions as to the turnout and impact of the Latino vote. For example, the National Association

New poll shows negative Latino stereotypes starts with media

LatinaLista — The old childhood saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me” was debunked long ago. We know that words do matter, equally — in this smartphone era — as images. So when the National Hispanic Media Coalition sponsored a poll of national (non-Hispanic) perceptions of Latinos and