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Delicate sugar skulls created by Executive Pastry Chef Santiago Luna Corral of Occasion Caterers in Washington DC. (Photo: Twitter #DayoftheDead)

Day of the Dead goes mainstream with children’s book, music video and nationwide celebrations

Day of the Dead goes mainstream with children’s book, music video and nationwide celebrations

LatinaLista — Though there were more than a few ‘scary’ skeletons showing up on doorsteps last night, today begins a two-day observance of seeing skeletons in a whole other (excuse the pun) light. Today is Dia de los Muertos, a time when we, in the Mexican culture primarily, honor our loved ones who have passed on

Documentary ‘Harvest of Empire,’ like its protagonists, travel a winding path to achieve a Hollywood Dream

By Luis Carlos López Hispanic Link News Service Neither Rome nor Hollywood was built in a day. With this rationale and a prayer, Eduardo López continues to promote his documentary Harvest of Empire. Completed this year after nearly a decade in the making, it was denied entrance to such major film festivals as Sundance and

Halloween’s Sibling, Día De Los Muertos, a popular celebration not only by Latino Millennials

By Insight Tr3s As Halloween draws near, we recognize the holiday’s sister, El Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), which is quickly becoming a celebrated cultural draw among both Hispanic Millennials and non-Hispanic Millennials. In recent years, this cheerful Mexican holiday has formed part of school roster events providing American teens and twenty-somethings

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New study reveals the extent of Latino influence on U.S. mainstream

LatinaLista — It wasn’t that long ago when salsa began outselling ketchup as the condiment of choice among Americans. It was the first sign that Latino influence was gaining a foothold in the mainstream — and it hasn’t stopped yet. A new report titled The Latino Influence Project compiled by the marketing communications agency Wing

Bilingual posters about bracero program brings a DC exhibit to people everywhere

LatinaLista — Among the cool benefits of the Hispanic Heritage Month is that there is a heightened effort to bring the history of Latinos to the national forefront. Museums across the country incorporate local Latino contributions into their exhibits. Yet, there was one contribution, among many, that impacted the nation, as well as Mexicans —