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New website keeps world informed on the death and violence in Juarez, Mexico

LatinaLista — There is no other geographic location in North America that is as synonymous with violence and death as Juarez, Mexico. The weekly killing sprees, daily random shootings and continuous gruesome discoveries of mutilated bodies or shallow buried bones, at the hands of warring drug cartels, give credence as to why the city is

Mainstream children’s book publishers do a sad, sad job meeting the needs of Latino readers

LatinaLista — The perception that there are a lot of Latino children running and skipping on playgrounds across the country is no mirage. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, the number of Latino students in the nation’s public schools nearly doubled from 1990 to 2006. Currently, according to, Latino children (0-17) account for 24

Filmmaker says it’s disrespectful to attribute the end of the world to the Mayans

LatinaLista — Any good filmmaker knows that the more “buzz” that can be created before a movie is released, the better. Mexican-born filmmaker Raul Julia Levy is no exception. He attracted attention for his upcoming documentary when he simply revealed what it was going to be about — The Mayan prophecies for 2012. The son

One more time: What “white Hispanic” means

By Abraham Morales SE2 The Megaphone George Zimmerman is of mixed ethnic background. His mother is from Peru and his father is white non-Hispanic (a term used by the U.S. Census Department). The younger Zimmerman has been described by some national media as “white Hispanic.” Beyond the controversy and seriousness of this news story, my