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Spotlight Nonprofit: Opening up young Latinas’ eyes to a world of possibilities via photography

LatinaLista — The power of photography can’t be underestimated. Simple pictures that show the joy, complexity, sadness of life are more powerful than words could ever convey. Photographers who have the opportunity to bring those images to life and share them with a wider audience are bound to feel pretty special. For those who created

El Paso photographer creates visual campaign to combat hate

LatinaLista — How do you get young people to care about the national debate on immigration? You take their picture and let them post it on Facebook! That was the thought behind El Paso photographer David Quintanilla’s idea when he was approached by an El Paso advocacy organization called Boycott Arizona to figure out a

Ten conservation photographers trek through U.S. borderlands on special mission

LatinaLista — The old cliche that a picture speaks a thousand words is going to be put to the test in the next three weeks by ten photographers from the International League of Conservation Photographers. Road cut through the Otay Mountain wilderness to facilitate border wall construction. (Source: Photo by Roy Toft) These ten, with

University project resurrects 1949 images of South Texas’ Mexican Americans online

LatinaLista — Back in 1949, two sociologists from the University of Texas, George Sanchez and Lyle Saunders, wanted to study a little documented phenomenon — the expansion of the Spanish-speaking population in Texas. The two professors wanted to investigate the “social aspects of prejudice and discrimination.” What would be uncovered would help fill the gaps

Powerful photo exhibit highlights the 30,000 who disappeared under Argentine military dictatorship

LatinaLista — Whoever coined the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” never imagined a haunting photo exhibit as the one titled Ausencias. Otherwise, the saying would have been “A picture is worth a thousand words unsaid — and more.” There are few times in our lives when we can sincerely say that