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Video: New play evokes painful memory of Cuba’s prison camps but underscores strength of human will

Video: New play evokes painful memory of Cuba’s prison camps but underscores strength of human will

LatinaLista — Ever since the Obama administration eased travel restrictions to Cuba, travelers from the United States have been flocking to the Communist-governed island. A recent study on Cuba-bound US flights revealed that, in the course of 30 days of monitoring (from June 17 to July 17), more flights left for the island from Miami


Video: Latina playwright Tanya Saracho explains why she’s not the ‘Chicana Chekhov’

LatinaLista — Playwright Tanya Saracho has been called the ‘Chicana Chekhov’ by the New York Times. The only trouble is she’s not Chicana. She’s Mexican but she is recognized as one of the most successful Latina playwrights in the nation. The confusion over Saracho’s nationality may be because she grew up on the Texas-Mexico border,

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Theater lovers everywhere can now enjoy the works of El Teatro Campesino via online video archives

LatinaLista — El Teatro Campesino (ETC) is an iconic entity in Chicano and Latino history in the United States. It was founded in 1965 by Luis Valdes, under the blessing of Cesar Chavez, as a cultural component of the United Farm Workers union. With a pointed political mission, ETC performed their “actos” in the fields,


Video: How Chicano history shaped El Teatro Campesino

LatinaLista — While Latinos have had a hard time finding a ‘home’ in the Hollywood film industry, the same can’t totally be said for the world of theater. While there are some theater houses who were as discriminatory as their Hollywood counterparts, it was much easier for Latinos to create their own foothold in theater.

Texas theater company feels moral responsibility to tell stories of Central American immigrants

By Alain Castillo LatinaLista This summer, a local Dallas, Texas theatre company will step into the national immigration debate with a hard look at an immigrants’ experience south of the US border. The production, “The Dreamers: Part One” created by the Cara Mia Theatre ensemble and led by local director and writer David Lozano, explores