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Video: Latina takes the medical, beauty and food industries to task for endangering public health

Video: Latina takes the medical, beauty and food industries to task for endangering public health

LatinaLista — Disease is big business, especially if the cure or treatment exceed the pocketbooks of many patients. The fact that medical debt drives people into bankruptcy and even to suicide or people are turned away from hospitals because of no insurance are signs that the US medical system may have its priorities switched —


LibroLuz: Comadres share “Tales of Sisterhoods and Fierce Friendships”

LatinaLista — Before the rise of mami bloggers and the Latino blogosphere there was Las Comadres. Officially known as Las Comadres Para Las Americas, the Austin-based group has been connecting Latinas of all ages and professions across the nation since early 2000, both online and off. Spearheading the growth of this vast network has been

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Video: Cuban American author Cristina Garcia hears ‘conversations’ in Spanish but tells stories in English

LatinaLista — The importance of language can never be underestimated, especially for authors. Yet, for the scribes of our time, language means more than just words strung together to convey a thought or a scene. For bilingual writers, language adds a dimension to their works in not just conveying their stories but their perspective of

Using solar energy to make sun-baked tortillas and chart a new energy course for Mexico’s poor

LatinaLista — After the Fukushima nuclear disaster last year when the world watched in horror as Japan battled nuclear meltdowns, the release of radioactive materials in their land, food and water supplies and tackled the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, some world leaders decided to chart a new energy future for their own countries by

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Intrn’l Video: Embracing the beauty of South America in six minutes

LatinaLista — Good video is always appreciated, especially when it’s used to document the haunting scenery of countries that don’t get nearly enough attention from world travelers. Such scenery lies particularly close to home to the United States — from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay to Paraguay and Southern Brazil. Thanks to the creativity of some

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Intrn’l Video: Award-winning Latino writer goes to El Salvador in search of family roots and the origin of his mother’s tamales

LatinaLista — As the days count down towards Christmas, many Latino families across the Americas will participate in one of the most revered traditions of the holidays — making tamales. For one Salvadoran American Latino, the quest to discover the roots of his mother’s tamales led him on a journey of profound self-discovery, sadness and