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Banned Latino authors band together for coast-to-coast special observance of Hispanic Heritage Month

LatinaLista — The Librotraficante Movement was born in direct response to the actions of Arizona legislators who passed House Bill 2281 to ban Mexican American Studies in the state’s schools. Along with that ban came a series of oppressive literary restrictions targeting Latino-authored books. From explicit “prohibition of some books from classrooms, to new approval

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Video: Author Sandra Cisneros shows support for Librotraficante Movement with memorable reading

LatinaLista — “When we heard that Tucson Unified School District administrators not only prohibited Mexican American Studies, but then walked into classrooms, and in front of young Latino students, during class time, removed and boxed up books by our most beloved authors – that was too much. This offended us down to our soul. We

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Our southern border is now with Guatemala

By Steve Taylor Rio Grande Guardian WASHINGTON, D.C. — A former commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection says the United States’ southern border is effectively now the Mexican border with Guatemala. Alan Bersin said the level of cooperation and collaboration between the United States and Mexico on border security issues is incredibly strong and

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Intrn’l Video: Documentary filmmaker pays homage to “uniquely Mexican sound”

LatinaLista — Anyone familiar with regional Mexican music knows about rancheras, corridos, mariachi, cumbias, etc. What most people don’t know is that there is a whole genre of Mexican folk music known as Mexican Son music. Mexican Son music, with “son” meaning sound, is folk music that is a mixture of Spanish, African and indigenous

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Video: Latina photographer illustrates how “first impressions” mask the true stories of people

LatinaLista — A traveling exhibit and photo-essay book project known as “What I Thought I Saw” challenges people to overcome their bias in assuming they know everything they need to know about a person just by looking at them, not realizing the real stories they’re missing out on. The book/exhibit features a diverse group of people

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Video: Humorous video highlights serious debate: Is voting a right or a privilege?

LatinaLista — There are 13,000 election jurisdictions in the country. In other words, there are 13,000 different ways that Americans vote, from using different kinds of ballots to having to meet different kinds of requirements. It’s just one of the startling revelations in the first episode of an Op-Docs series called “Electoral Dysfunction.” The featured