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International Video: Last Bridge Master of the Incan Empire

International Video: Last Bridge Master of the Incan Empire

LatinaLista — We’ve all seen in Indiana Jones-type movies those rope bridges at the mercy of the wind, connecting two sides of sheer cliff faces, seemingly dangling thousands of feet high above a dangerous crevice or raging river. The bridge is a sure-fire element to create suspense in any movie. The assumption is that the

New report reveals Latin American citizens not shy about taking to the streets to demand better quality of life

LatinaLista — A good hint at how civically involved undocumented immigrants from Latin America will be in US politics once they gain citizenship can be found in a new United Nations’ report Understanding Social Conflict in Latin America. The report, released by the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP), found that social uprisings are common in

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Video: Taking a broader view on the controversy over Mexico Barbie

LatinaLista — With the tagline “Multiple sources, a broader view,” the online video news site Newsy tackles the raging controversy over Mattel’s latest Barbie addition — Mexico Barbie. Immediately criticized for being too stereotypical, the doll is attracting all the wrong attention. Maybe that’s why Mattel has removed it from its online shop. Outfitted in a

New study finds girls could pursue STEM careers, but they’re choosing not to

LatinaLista — As the national economy begins to transform itself to better handle its future role in a global economy, more emphasis and attention are being directed at encouraging students to major in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) careers. As of now, the vast majority of students who do major in STEM careers are


Viernes Video: Five Latinas lead cast in new Lifetime show titled ‘Devious Maids’

LatinaLista — When the ABC television dramedy, Desperate Housewives,(DH) debuted it was an instant hit. It was so popular among Spanish-speakers that South American countries couldn’t get enough of it, with Argentina, Ecuador and Brazil airing their own versions. Even US-based Univision created their own too. Now, the creator of the original series, Marc Cherry,