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New national poll finds Latino voters don’t plan to sit out midterm elections, nor punish Democrats

New national poll finds Latino voters don’t plan to sit out midterm elections, nor punish Democrats

LatinaLista — Conservative pundits and politicians have made an extra big effort lately to convince Democrats and Latinos that Latinos are so angry with Obama for not doing anything on reforming immigration policy that they will punish the Blue Party in next week’s midterm elections by not showing up. As usual, when this argument is


All it takes is the right outreach for Latino voter turnout

By Melissa R. Michelson, Ph.D Latino Decisions A common belief inside campaigns is that lower propensity voters just won’t show up in a midterm election. This thinking is misguided and only serves to create a cycle in which campaigns fail to reach out to voters who are most in need of outreach. Previous field experiments


New year-round voter registration drive targets Latino Millennials solely online and mobile

LatinaLista — This month Latinos in California reach an impressive milestone — surpassing whites as the largest racial/ethnic group in California. Yet, as more than one headline pointed out about the milestone, the larger number doesn’t really matter if Latinos don’t become civically engaged and vote. Just as the Latino birthrate is fueling this demographic


Latinas Make Unexpectedly Large Political Strides

By Christina E. Bejarano There are a growing number of Latinas, and other women of color, in office, defying expectations and explanations, says Christina E. Bejarano in this excerpt from “The Latina Advantage.” (WOMENSENEWS)– Evidence of Latinas’ potential diminished political disadvantages can be seen by examining the current representation of racial/ethnic-minority women in elective


Paul Ryan Wants Boehner To Bring Immigration Reform To A Vote Even If Most GOPers Don’t Support It

By Scott Keyes ThinkProgress RACINE, Wisconsin — Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) made a little-noticed pronouncement at a town hall Friday that could have major implications for the prospects of immigration reform passing the House of Representatives. Comprehensive immigration reform passed the Senate in June, but its prospects have remained uncertain in the Republican-controlled House. That’s

Claudia Ortega-Hogue

A Latina with a mission: Promoting civic engagement to change an entire nation

By Juan Miret LatinaLista “We are not invisible anymore. We [Latinos] are a key part of the present and we already have a very important role in the near future,” said Claudia Ortega-Hogue, Director of Civic Engagement of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) in Houston, Texas, during a phone interview