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Bilingual book publisher creates challenge to get children to not eat sugar for a day

Bilingual book publisher creates challenge to get children to not eat sugar for a day

LatinaLista — For many people, sugar is their very first addiction, started when they were children. Whether from eating sugar-coated cereal, licking heaping scoops of ice cream or drinking tall sweet glasses of creamy chocolate milk, children’s taste buds get an early introduction to the sweet ingredient. So a new campaign, A Day Without Sugar,

National sun prevention campaign targets Latino schoolchildren with bilingual message on importance of sunscreen usage

LatinaLista — Though it’s snowing and blustery this week in most parts of the country, summer is just a few weeks away and so is the end of school. That means kids will be playing, swimming and hanging outside more than ever. And if this summer is anything like past summers with record temperatures and


Children’s book benefitting Honduran school creates early introduction to doing social good

LatinaLista — Honduras is a hard country to live in. It ranks as having a murder rate ten times the global average; it is the second poorest country in Central America; and gang violence rivals drug cartels. For a poor child growing up in Honduras, the odds of successfully getting an education is extremely low.

New study give high marks to one charter school system instilling in students practices for academic success

LatinaLista — Charter schools have long been seen by communities of color as the only viable options to a failing public school system. A Stanford University report published in January 2013 found that impoverished black and Latino students especially had stronger learning gains when enrolled in charter schools. Unfortunately, as the same report points out,

New collaboration creates easy access to healthy dishes with MyPlate recipes

LatinaLista — First Lady Michelle Obama has spearheaded the national effort to get children healthier by tackling the childhood obesity problem. From making healthy eating a part of her Let’s Move! campaign to getting school cafeterias to serve up healthier dishes to guilting national food chains to offer more healthy alternatives for kids and making

New study on children’s e-reading habits underscore technology gap between low-income Latinos and Blacks and high-income families

LatinaLista — Whether it’s an e-reader or tablet computer, it’s difficult to find a reputable brand that is under $100. For too many Latino families whose children need to read books, the cost is enough to keep many Latino students from enjoying the tech-age of digital reading. Couple that with the fact that too many mainstream