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Dept. of Homeland Security launches new campaign to combat human trafficking

LatinaLista — Human trafficking is the pipeline for today’s slave trade. Through movies, the public has learned that human trafficking is more than just sexual exploitation of women and young girls. It also involves the forced labor, with no or little pay, and always accompanied by abusive treatment of men, women and children in occupations

Spotlight Non-profit: Creating a home and a future for abandoned teens

LatinaLista — There were over 500,000 children in the foster care system in 2006, according to the most recent statistics. Forty-six percent of these children were in non-relative foster family homes. In 2006, 289,000 children exited the foster care system. While 53 percent of the children were reunited with family or a caregiver, 9 percent

T-shirt company asks Brazil’s World Cup supporters to buy shirts benefitting Brazil’s street kids

LatinaLista — The 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer matches are really starting to heat up as the quarterfinals begin. For fans that means going all-out to show their support. The most popular way for fans to support their teams is by wearing t-shirts sporting the team’s colors. Well, one clothing company is asking Brazilian supporters