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Seven Boyle Heights Latina teens become empowered creating photo exhibit around saintly icon

LatinaLista — Visit any Mexican American community or family home and chances are there is a statue or portrait of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Catholic Mexicans. In fact, Our Lady of Guadalupe has reached such iconic status that her image has gone from church pedestals and home altars to pop art, t-shirts,

Latino school children at risk of developing poor reading skills but surprising discovery could help turn around a bad statistic

LatinaLista — A New York Times article that was published earlier this week revealing that Latino school children, who make up nearly a quarter of the public school population across the country, are less likely to see characters like themselves in books for young readers, struck a nerve among Latinos. Reader Jaime Puente wrote on

Online lessons teach college-age women the consequences of getting pregnant while pursuing their degrees

LatinaLista — Most educators, parents and community leaders feel their job is done when preaching to teen girls the perils of getting pregnant while still in middle and high school. Yet, little thought is given to talking to young women at college. The assumption is that college-age women already know it. Unfortunately, the sad truth

Study says not enough home-cooked meals underlying cause for Latino child obesity

LatinaLista — For most Latino families, it used to be that eating cheaply meant eating a homemade meal made from the basic Latino food groups — corn, rice and beans. Yet, thanks to a new study from the University of Illinois at Chicago, eating cheap has become synonymous with fast-food and it’s making our kids

New online tool helps paint a more accurate picture of the state of Latino children

LatinaLista — To paraphrase a popular saying: As the well-being of Latino children goes, so goes the nation. It’s an understatement to say that the future of the nation depends, in large part, on how well today’s Latino children are prepared for it. They’re a demographic who will fulfill today’s predictions of a Latino majority

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week serves to remind that lead poisoning is still an issue

LatinaLista — It seems like every other month some product made in China or Mexico is being recalled in the United States because unhealthy levels of lead were found to be in it. The latest was a shipment of Halloween costumes made in China. Federal inspectors have seized nearly 1,400 Chinese-made pirate costumes being shipped