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University host of last presidential debate creates free K-12 curriculum to teach children about debates and politics

LatinaLista — A presidential campaign has to be the epitome of reality television. Every speech, interview and ‘spontaneous’ kiss of babies is scripted to the last detail. The only times where candidates may veer a little off script is during the presidential debates. The debates offer the public a chance to learn more about the candidates:

Free bilingual webinar series gives Latino parents and students college tips and advice

LatinaLista — Students and parents can never receive enough information about college. In this economy, where time and time again, it’s apparent that only those with college degrees or certifications can make it in this changing job market, the right information about the college process is vital. This week at the national LULAC convention being

New education report shows while school has changed, it remains the same in putting Latinos and blacks at risk for failure

LatinaLista — Just how bad the economy is depressing the job market for teenagers became crystal clear in a new report issued by the National Center for Education Statistics. The Condition of Education 2012 shows that high school student employment is at its lowest since 1990 — in 2010, only 16 percent of high school

Pool safety campaigns highlight Latino and black children’s high risk for drownings

LatinaLista — Temperatures are warming up. School is winding down. Kids are looking forward to doing their favorite summer activity — swimming. Unfortunately for too many Latino children swimming can be a death trap. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 62 percent of Latino children and 70 percent of black children between the

With food allergies on the rise, more parents push for legislation to keep their kids safe in school

By Susan Tharp LatinaLista A recent study found that one in 13 children in America suffer from food allergies. Unlike other childhood medical conditions, there is no cure for food allergies and they can linger an entire lifetime. What makes food allergies even more challenging is that trace amounts of a food allergen can cause