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VIDEO: With climate change worsening, hope is but a tree away

VIDEO: With climate change worsening, hope is but a tree away

LatinaLista — Climate change is getting worse. The stats prove it. A recent report by the American Meteorological Society found that greenhouse gases, sea levels and global temperatures — key indicators of climate change — rose in 2013. It’s a trend that scientists don’t foresee “cooling down.” The rise in these key stats means that


Video: New poll underscores tie between the environment and Latino communities

LatinaLista — A popular perception of Latinos is that all are urban dwellers. Most believe that highway mixmasters are the closest stone canyons that many Latinos will see, and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Yet, in Colorado and New Mexico, two states not only known for their natural beauty and endless outdoor activities, and where


Deepening crisis in Monarch butterfly population has one researcher calling on states to help in special way

LatinaLista — The Monarch butterfly has long been a symbol of international migration that underscores how borders, a human invention, has no bearing on the natural order of life. Yet, what does have an impact is something that both man and nature have had a hand in creating — climate change, which is only intensifying


Keeping the familia safe while ridding cucarachas & weeds calls for better choices in household chemicals

By Nicole Hernández Hammer LatinaLista As a child, I remember how happy my mother was when our cousin Panchito, a pest-control worker, would stop by our house and spray the house and yard for free. He’d come often and we’d walk with him and chat as he targeted all the usual bug-hiding places, and then


Video: Time-lapse filmmaker unlocks key to a beauty that inspires gratitude

LatinaLista — Louie Schwartzberg is a cinematographer, photographer, filmmaker and — grateful. His work of the past 30 years of shooting time-lapse photography has opened a door into Nature that before Schwartzberg, and his peers, no one had the key to unlock. Now, everyone has the privilege of seeing beauty that has always existed but


New environmental poll reveals Latinos care as intensely about the issue as immigration reform

LatinaLista — According to a new survey, Latinos care as intensely about climate change as getting immigration reform passed through Congress. Conducted by Latino Decisions on behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council, the poll reveals that even across party lines, Latinos recognize that the future looks pretty bleak for themselves and their children if