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Video: Former inmates reconnect with Nature to heal their spirit and keep from returning to their old ways

Video: Former inmates reconnect with Nature to heal their spirit and keep from returning to their old ways

LatinaLista — Sometimes a reconnection with Nature is what is needed to heal the Human Spirit. For those who “feel broken” due to incarceration and drug addiction, this reconnection can make all the difference in having a bright future. In a special conservation program started in 2010 in the Houston area, former inmates have an


Video: College entrepreneur has big idea on how to “close loop” in creating bigger landfills

LatinaLista — Holly Chan is a graduate of Purdue University and an up-and-coming entrepreneur. But if Chan has her way, other businesses that like her idea would steal it. To Chan, it wouldn’t be thievery but validation that she is creating change in a sector of industry that is contributing 152 billion pounds of containers

Latina bloggers who won the opportunity to be part of the American Latino Expedition

Latina bloggers explore the Latino connection with national parks

LatinaLista — The national trend of ‘getting back to nature’ doesn’t just mean eating organic foods or simplifying our lives. It also means connecting with nature. Some will say they do that by going to a neighborhood park, running, or tending home gardens, but while all are examples of being outside there’s only one way


World Environment Day reminds people that wasting food adds to international food crisis

LatinaLista — This year’s theme for World Environment Day is ‘Think.Eat.Save – Reduce Your Foodprint.’ In a country that has ingrained in people to expect ‘super-size’ drinks and takeout meals, the concept of smaller portions riles anyone who equates value with quantity, rather than quality. It’s a mindset that will be hard to undo but


Video: International team of cave explorers ‘dive’ into the world’s longest explored underwater cave system in Mexico

LatinaLista — Ox Bel Ha is the longest explored underwater cave system in the world. Located in Quintana Roo, Mexico, it measures a little over 150 miles in its underwater passages but also has within its system dry caves, making it the third largest in the world. For scientists, Ox Bel Ha is every inch