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Seven Boyle Heights Latina teens become empowered creating photo exhibit around saintly icon

LatinaLista — Visit any Mexican American community or family home and chances are there is a statue or portrait of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Catholic Mexicans. In fact, Our Lady of Guadalupe has reached such iconic status that her image has gone from church pedestals and home altars to pop art, t-shirts,

New Latino faith survey reveals 97 percent are proud of Hispanic heritage

LatinaLista — Now that the Latino population has fully come on the radar of American politicians and businesses, everyone is trying to figure out Latinos. The latest study claiming to shed light is “Hispanic America: Faith, Values & Priorities” produced in partnership with the American Bible Society and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, among

A fall from grace for one priest leads to a life of redemption and reinvention

By Diane Romero Singerman LatinaLista Albert Cutié was one of the most visible priests in the world courtesy of his Miami-based Spanish-language media ministry. This young Puerto Rican-born priest was a household name at the height of his popularity among the Spanish-speaking faithful who religiously watched his nationally televised show Padre Alberto. Yet, Father Cutié

Connecting the Catholic Hispanic Community

El Tiempo Hispano Catholic Relief Services (CRS), one of the largest faith-based international aid organizations in the United States and one of the world’s foremost agencies for humanitarian aid and disaster relief, further enhanced its outreach efforts to U.S. Hispanics. Through an updated digital platform, CRS will offer Hispanics a better way to connect with

Latino and Muslim: A growing minority

By Audris Ponce The Venture HOUSTON — Latino and Muslim are two words that come charged with various sentiments in American society. Being a Latino Muslim comes with the challenge of facing both religious and ethnic ostracism. Juan Alvarado was raised Catholic by his Dominican parents but converted to Islam at the end of his