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T-shirt company asks Brazil’s World Cup supporters to buy shirts benefitting Brazil’s street kids

LatinaLista — The 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer matches are really starting to heat up as the quarterfinals begin. For fans that means going all-out to show their support. The most popular way for fans to support their teams is by wearing t-shirts sporting the team’s colors. Well, one clothing company is asking Brazilian supporters

Spotlight Non-profit: Unique program makes gym membership affordable for low-income women

LatinaLista — One of the surest ways for overweight people to start losing weight is to join a gym. Where else is there ready access to fitness equipment, professional guidance and emotional support? But gym memberships can be costly, especially for the low-income. And unfortunately, it’s the low-income population that has the highest rates of

Spotlight Non-profit: Boise Bicycle Project fulfills the dreams of city’s low-income children

LatinaLista – The pride and joy of every child, before they’re old enough to drive, is to have their own bike. Yet for many low-income families that’s a luxury item that just can’t be squeezed into the family budget. For these families lucky enough to live in Boise, Idaho, they don’t have to worry about the

Childhood obesity in Latino communities doomed to persist if health programs don’t take a page from public libraries

LatinaLista — The Center for American Progress released a memo today entitled The Significance of Childhood Obesity in Communities of Color. The memo didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know — that Latino and African American children are too fat for their own good. Childhood obesity rates of African Americans and Hispanics increased by

College scholarship campaign counts on World Cup soccer goaaals

LatinaLista — According to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), their mission is “a (college) degree in every U.S. Latino household.” But those college degrees costs money — mucho dinero. That’s why the recent announcement from HSF’s longtime partner, Anheuser-Busch, was probably welcome news. For each goal scored during the FIFA World Cup(TM) in South Africa,